Chicago PD (S04E09): “Don’t Bury This Case”

“Don’t Bury This Case” is an excellent example at good storytelling and how the PD writers masterfully create plot twists. Severide’s case takes many turns, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats trying to figure it out along with the police officers.

There were very few week moments, but one of those was Platt agreeing to let her husband see Severide on the threat that he “won’t come home tonight.” That was just a low ball, and the fact that Platt went along with it seemed out of character. Why was there so much riding on that? For such a strong and stubborn women, it felt strange to see her succumb so quickly.

Because this episode focused so heavily on the case at hand, some conversations came off awkward and abrupt. I liked Lindsay’s idea to bring up the idea of meeting her father with the two most important men in her life – Halstead and Voight – but each time it seemed a little forced. Especially with Halstead, I felt like the connection between her defending Severide and her being off because her dad’s in town didn’t make sense. I wish the writers would have showed us more of Erin’s weird behavior before this conversation, because maybe it would have made more sense.

It’s certainly exciting to have Burgess in Intelligence now. The change in dynamic for the group will create fresh personal problems and bring new things out of the characters. Olinsky’s initial treatment towards Kim is expected – he’s always tough on newcomers – but I think the two will be a force to be reckon with once she proves herself.

The title of the episode is a little unnecessary I feel. Although that’s such a minimal detail, “Don’t Bury This Case” sounds redundant because, of all the cases we’ve seen recently, this one was given the most attention. There was no question about burying it.