Bull: (S01E10) “E.J.”

Ejetto Technologies is the parent of  “E.J.”,  A self driving automated car that is accused in the death of a partner.  Ginny Bretton,(Justine Lupe) Chief officer of Ejetto is a genius with all the eccentricities, that could also look like incompetence.  Ginny wants to save E.J. Erica (Isabelle Mccalla, on behalf of Adam the victim and her husband, wants to kill him.

And so begins the investigation into, “what happened” why did E.J. run down Adam?  Well Adam bypassed protocol, confusing E.J. & like all computers. ..”Tilt!” Adam should have been fired a long time ago, per his coworkers. He habitually didn’t follow protocol. That night he was in a hurry to shut E.J. down & overrode the sequence for the wipers…”tilt” Human error is the plan of defense yet the safety of “E.J.” proves to be relative. It appears E.J. can surmise the probable outcome of an accident in seconds, yet it has no driver survival instincts, no sense of self and the driver/rider in the “E.J.” would probably be killed. This was woven in through-out the trial; safety.

 Meanwhile, evidence found on a thumb drive leads the team to Carter Spinelli (Dan McCabe) another start up partner who definitely meant to sabotage the relationship Ginny has with…”E.J.” We learn, Evan Johnson, the real EJ, died in Ginny’s arms and she has not been able to move on.  The symbol of this affection is her attachment to” E.J.” It is believed, there was no room in her heart for Carter and he became the jilted obsessive lover. He hacked into the operational system, “jerry rigged” the commands to destroy his “rival” and Adam was collateral damage.

However, who killed Carter?  He is found dead behind the wheel of “E.J.”from an apparent heroin overdose.  In the final twist, it is found Carter was manipulated by  Dean, (Curtiss Cook) another Ejetto officer, who did it all for the money!  This was sadly predictable, yet probable.

The episode leaves me with questions, since self driving cars appear to be the future, how comfortable am I with this? It looks like “Johnny Cab” is here (Total Recall) The idea that “E.J.” can be hacked and had no self awareness, (being a machine) and would just calculate the odds of impact and survival for the other drivers in an accident, leaves me not encouraged.  Yet the greatest question of the entire episode occurs at the end when Bull makes a very personal call, to Amy. “Who is Amy?!’