Chicago PD (S05E10): “Don’t Read The News”

This week we got not one but two episodes of Chicago PD, and “Don’t Read The News” sets in motion the changes that will be taking place in this half of the season.

Burgess moves into the intelligence office as Adam has himself placed on a different investigation. This leads to new partnerships and a new officer in Adam’s place. This came across as unexpected and almost like Adam (and subsequently the writers) were running from conflict. I hope to see Adam back soon.

Erin, on the other hand, is acting completely how we would expect her towards meeting her father. Stubborn and distant at first, but then quietly taking it in. I did find the dinner scene a little confusing though. Are Bunny and Jim a couple again? That seems abrupt, but if developed properly I think it could be an interesting twist and challenge for Erin.

I found the case of this episode interesting and fresh. Looking to previous episodes, I can see Chicago PD pushing boundaries which is exciting.

Overall this episode is rated: A