NCIS New Orleans: (S03E10) “Follow the Money”

It’s a yacht party and the Golden Lady is sitting in the water idle, catching the attention of the Coast Guard.  A Percy like agent, Joan Swanson (Toni Trucks) boards the vessel, proceeds to search and swiftly takes down a Captain who is squatted over a body with his throat cut. He resisted, she shot him. I like her.

Pride and the crew are called in when it is found the vessel is registered to a company owned by Javier Garcia (Julian Acosta); introduced in episode 8 as a leader of the Cartel, putting this storyline back in action. I must say, Javier is a very bad man and it’s gonna’ take a sociopath to catch a sociopath.

Yet the story has it’s complications for a primary player in the investigation of… and take down of Garcia.  Eliza West (Amanda Clayton) an heiress is the quasi, goddaughter of Pride and the fiancé of Garcia.  How to bring down Garcia without hurting Eliza is the challenge.  She’s an innocent.  Pride has promised to protect her since her father was killed in a car jacking.  She was 10 years old.

 As the story progresses, we find Garcia was using Eliza as a cover for his business, putting everything in her name and leaving him free to operate without a trace. Eliza was dead as soon as she agreed to marry him in my opinion; heartbreaking. This and along with the death of 3 other agents, costs Gregorio her job.  She’s fired by Isler, who refuses to work out of the box, taking rigidity to “a whole ‘nother level” This leaves Gregorio open to pursue her interest with NCIS, ‘fair and square” Although she still doesn’t feel like a good fit to me, she now has more time to…adjust.  And adjust is what Sebastian must do as he continues to train as a field agent. LaSalle was there to offer words of encouragement after he failed to shoot a perp that was beating down Gregorio.  Well he is in training, after all!