Chicago Med (S02E09): “Uncharted Territory”

“Uncharted Territory” was fulfilling, and fresh – a great way for Chicago Med to start the new year.

While I found the patient backstories interesting and different from what Med has tackled before, there were some missing pieces, especially with Dr. Choi. I felt like I couldn’t quite understand Choi’s reaction to the rival patients he was helping which was a small downfall of the plot line.

Manning’s patient was sad, too. I get why the writers did it, but it was sad to see him die after rooting for him the whole time. I think the new developments with Jeff are very interesting though and I wonder if she will make up with him, or move over to Halstead again?

The Med writers are clearly trying to focus on character relationships. This will create more dynamic plot lines in the future.

Overall rating: A-