Big Bang Theory (S10E12) “The Holiday Summation”

Review: Through a series of flashbacks, the gang tells each other what they did during the holidays. Sheldon and Amy go to Texas to visit Sheldon’s mom and Amy wants to tell her that they have been living together. Sheldon doesn’t think it’s a good idea, but Amy convinces him and they end up telling Mary. Against all odds, she doesn’t give the couple the usual religious lecture and actually is happy for them because she never thought Sheldon would end up with someone. Sheldon gets upset because of what his mother says and when Amy tells him that she already told his mom about them, he gets upset with Amy too. As a way to get back at his mother, Sheldon gets an earring.

Then Leonard and Penny. They get into their worst fight yet when they chop down a Christmas tree for in their apartment and have to get it home, which happens to be much more of a struggle than they thought it would be. The tension between the two grows, and when they finally get it home, it turns out that some kind of animal is living in the tree so they decide to throw it out again.

Onto Bernadette and Howard and their two little helpers (seriously writers, give Raj and Stuart something else to do besides this!!!). Bernadette has trouble getting the baby to sleep because Halley just keeps crying. Stuart however seems to have a gift for it and gets her to stop in no time. Bernadette has a hard time with this because she doesn’t feel like a good mother. However she does eventually find a way to get her to sleep by sleeping in the crib with her.

It’s interesting that the episode touched on the subject of mothers not bonding with their babies. I think the way the writers are tackling the whole baby plot so far is good. However, while it may have been a very relatable part for some people, Bernadette’s crying was not very believable.

The unique way of storytelling in this episode was great, I thought the flashbacks were hilarious, especially because there were jokes that can only be made when it’s told in a flashback form (“blablabla” “blablablabla”, Sheldon and the three short clips about the earring, etc.). All three storylines were pretty simple, but that’s probably what made them great, especially in this format. My favorite was the longest one with Sheldon and Amy, but all storylines had funny lines and hilarious situations. I think this episode is my favorite of the season so far.

Rating: 9.5/10