Emerald City (S01E02) Prison of the Abject

So this is part 2 of the 2 hour premiere that happened last night with the series and this episode is where things started getting interesting, here we meet the Scarecrow who seems to be an interesting character but also in the state he is found on this show it almost makes you want to sing that old classic song ‘If Only I Had a Brain’ am I right? But like I said before this series has a lot of potential and these first two episodes revealed so much potential to be a fantastic show and I am looking forward to watching more episodes and see Dorothy evolve into what I feel like is going to be a brave warrior or something, but I guess we will see soon. So let’s get to the good stuff and have you read my recap of the episode!

In this episode: We see Dorothy (Adria Arjona) and her dog whose now named Toto (which means dog in Oz land) venture on the yellow poppy petal filled road leading them to a man who is barb wired onto a stone slab roasting under the sun. The man asks for Dorothy’s help and with her need for helping others she goes to push the slab down to get the man off of it. When she gets the slab down she sees the barb wire, cuts it off and gets him free; Dorothy then finds a sword that is laying on the ground and looks at the empty sheath she goes to put the sword back in the sheath and tells the man what shes doing. Dorothy then asks the man if he has a name but sadly he can’t remember it. She helps the man out and gets to a shelter where they can camp at during the night. While Dorothy and the man sit; Dorothy then says to the man she can’t just keep calling him the man, so the man plays a game with her saying to say the name that first comes to your head and that will be my name. Dorothy at first says no but then blurts out Lucas, so the man looks confused and asks why Lucas; Dorothy tells him its the name of her hometown. Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) agrees to the name and says its a good name.

As Dorothy and Lucas sleep they are visited by a shocking visitor The Witch of the East (Florence Kasumba). When Dorothy and Lucas wake up they are confused in where they are and how they got back on the poppy road but images of reality and fantasy flip back one and the other forcing all to be confused in where they are until Dorothy’s reality showed her the creepy tree and the mud that lies at the bottom of the tree. The Witch of the East then interrogates Dorothy to find out where she came from and why she was trying to kill her. Dorothy tries explaining it was an accident but East then doesn’t want to hear lies and believes her to be in league with Glinda (Joely Richardson) whose been trying to take over the Witch of the Easts land for a long time now but has failed.Dorothy then tells the Witch she came from a tornado and thats how her car got into the lands. The Witch of the East then says nothing comes from the sky in Oz anymore not since the great wizard fell from it years ago. When the witch finds Dorothy’s gun she asks what kind of magic it is, but Dorothy tricks her and makes the witch hold it directing it towards her brain and made the witch commit suicide breaking Dorothy from her grip and breaking Lucas out of the grip too.

When Dorothy and Lucas come out of the tunnel they find the body of the Witch of the East, when Dorothy goes to retrieve her gun she then receives another gift, ruby and gold gloves that then fade into her skin. When the Witch of the West (Ana Ularu) senses her sister’s demise she runs out of her castle screaming in pain and heartbreak. She weeps in the streets of her kingdom; West is then visited by The Wizard’s right hand man (Vincent D`Onofrio) with Glinda’s servant Elizabeth (Roxy Sternberg) when the West notices Elizabeth being pregnant she asks how far along she is and wonders how Glinda will take to her servant disobeying the one rule Glinda has which is her servants never having sexual intercourse with any of those they serve. But West applauded Elizabeth of her sinful success.

Meanwhile, with Dorothy and Lucas, the two venture on their quest to get to the Wizard in hopes he will be able to send Dorothy home. But as they were venturing Lucas began to lose blood revealing East had done major hurt to Lucas when they were being tortured. Dorothy then asks a doctor (Omri Rose) for help but he tells Dorothy he doesn’t have the medicines they need they would need to visit a witch doctor to get the help they need. But he warns them, the witch doctor doesn’t like people! Dorothy and Lucas then begin heading towards the direction of the witch doctor.

As Mombi (Fiona Shaw) casts the spell creating a medicine for her patient. When she comes up stairs she then asks how Tip (Jordan Loughran) how hes doing today, when he says well but feels like he has to hide his body away from Mombi, he opens his mouth and takes the medicine. Mombi then tells Tip he should be doing well soon and that she has to go out and get some more supplies. When Mombi leaves, Tip comes to the window calling out to Jack (Gerran Howell) to hurry and try getting him out of this prison. Jack then starts trying to cut down the weeded entrance but just before he is able to make success he sees Dorothy and Lucas coming over the hill and runs off. Dorothy then calls for help, and begs for help but when Mombi comes back to find them she at first didn’t want to help Dorothy and the injured Lucas but when she looked at Lucas’s sword she then agrees to help.

Meanwhile, at the Emerald City, The Wizard (Vincent D`Onofrio) gives Glinda and Witch of the West permission to put their sister at rest where all their other sisters are put at rest. But The Wizards right hand man (which the two of them are the same person I hope someone sees through this disguise soon) makes it a show for all of the village to see the ritual happen. Later that night West and Glinda both do the ritual but something goes wrong making Glinda then cancel herself out of the ritual forcing Witch of the West to perform the whole ritual by herself which has never been done before. The sisters are then successful in putting their sister East to rest.

Meanwhile with Dorothy and Lucas, Mombi gives Lucas some medicine and then goes to give medicine to her other “patient” Tip. When Mombi gives Dorothy insight in why Lucas was left hung on that slab that he did something so dishonorable that the slab did what Lucas had requested and take away the memories and make him wish he had a brain. But Mombi tells Dorothy since she found him on that slab it meant he was a dishonorable soldier of the Emerald army and should be killed. But Dorothy doesn’t believe that and believes he has a chance to redeem himself. When Dorothy locates Toto, she tries getting him away from the door that hes scratching at and Toto eventually gets away from the door and goes back down stairs. Dorothy then gets a note from Tip asking for help; Dorothy then confronts Mombi about the meaning of keeping Tip locked away and she explains herself to Dorothy about trying to shield Tip from the world that they would never understand him. But Dorothy tells Mombi that she can’t shield Tip forever and eventually will need to let him go.

Back at the Emerald City, Glinda (Richardson) tells Witch of the West (Ularu) that she should never have been able to conduct such a big spell by herself and demands for her to get rid of all of the extra power that was given to her that is now making her sick. Witch of the West then vomits out all of the extra power into a bottle where Glinda will lock it away forever.

Meanwhile with Dorothy and Lucas at Mombi’s, Dorothy goes to check up on Lucas when he comes to a conclusion that he had to of done all of those terrible things that Mombi was speaking of and he deserves whatever comes to him. Lucas then starts seizing and foaming at the mouth which makes Dorothy to check to see what Mombi gave to him, she finds out he’s been poisoned. Dorothy finds charcoal which can subside the poison and mixes up in a cup with water to counteract the poison in Lucas’s system. Lucas then becomes better; When Dorothy then helps Jack to save Tip from the room Mombi then attacks Dorothy which forces Lucas to continuously hit Mombi until she wasn’t moving anymore.

During the night when Jack and Tip were on their run away adventure, Tip tells Jack this is the first time he is going to be without his medicine. When Jack wakes up, he finds a girl but wearing the same jacket Tip had on. He demands to know where the girl got the jacket but the girl says it’s been hers for a long time. The girl then tells Jack its Tip and that now he has turned into a she.

Dorothy and Lucas then continue on the road that’s hopefully leading them to the Wizard. Lucas then wants to play a knock knock joke on Dorothy but shes not in the mood and still is in shock from what Lucas had done.

In the end: it reveals that Mombi is still alive and will most likely come for revenge!

Next episode: Emerald City (S01E03): Mistress, New Mistress airs Friday January 13, 2017