Emerald City (S01E01) The Beast Forever

So I have to admit when they said NBC was coming out with a Wizard of Oz TV show, my mind was skeptical but like most shows I watch I was blown away by the new direction they took the story of Dorothy and make it completely a new story never told before. I see many great potential aspects within this series and I truly hope they take it to a direction that will blow everyone’s minds. One thing I really like is the new direction they are taking with the Scarecrow, Lion, Tin Man, etc. the classic characters! But lets get to the recap of the episode!

In this episode: We meet Dorothy Gale (Adria Arjona) whose a nurse at a local hospital in Lucas, Kansas. As shes clocking in for the day she is pulled away to help with a patient who is trying to paint her nails but ends up looking like she went through a war zone instead with that nail polish. Dorothy and the patient both make jokes and Dorothy goes on about her day. When Dorothy gets home she celebrates her birthday with Aunt Em (Holly Hayes) and Uncle Henry (Pere Molina), Uncle Henry tells Dorothy to make a wish that will count for them to be able to afford the farm. But Dorothy chooses to make a wish in hopes it will be for something that matters. After they all celebrate Aunt Em asks Dorothy if she went to go see her mother at all. Dorothy admits she tried but never had the courage to do so, but in a last effort she chooses to drive to go see her.

When Dorothy gets to the trailer house she notices the front door is open and unlocked she calls out for Karen (Gina Bellman) but no one answers. She sees a dead police officer (Denes Akos Gere) in the bedroom, then goes into a panic to find Karen. She sees the cellar door open with the winds picking up she works on trying to get into the cellar to see if Karen is in there. When Dorothy enters the cellar she finds Karen on the ground bleeding she works on trying to stop the bleeding. Dorothy hears a police car arriving and tells Karen to keep pressure on the wound. As the tornado hits the ground destroying all in its path Dorothy calls over to the police officer but the officer not being able to hear Dorothy and pulls out his gun on Dorothy. The tornado then hurtles the officer away, Dorothy gets into the police car as the tornado takes her and the car away.

When the police car exits the tornado, the police car hits Witch of the East (Florence Kasumba) Dorothy, thinking she’s dead, gets the dog out of the car and flees the scene hoping to find out where she is. Cold and the only one keeping her company is a dog; Dorothy ventures out to figure out where she is. Dorothy then sees two small figures that look to be children. She follows the children, hoping to find out where she might be, but ends up in a small village, where she is then captured by the leader known as Ojo (Olafur Darri Olafsson) Dorothy then looks at the body of the woman in red, Ojo asks Dorothy if she knows her but Dorothy admits that she killed the witch. So Ojo and all believe she is a witch and decide to kill Dorothy but when Dorothy tells the truth in not knowing how she got to be there. Ojo then decides to show her the way out and through the road that will lead her to the man that can help her. When Ojo takes her through he gives her the option to choose either the path around the creepy tunnel or through the creepy tunnel. When Dorothy theorizes around, Ojo takes it upon himself to make it through the creepy tunnel revealing what the Witch of the East was doing to his people making them be tortured through this creepy looking tree. When Dorothy and Ojo then get out of the tunnel Dorothy notices there is a yellow substance on the road she picks it up to investigate it; Ojo tells her its Poppy, an opium from the nearby fields and should stick clear from them. Dorothy takes that as a good note and steers clear from them!

Next Episode: Emerald City (S01E02): Prison of the Abject (aired last night post will be coming…Immediately)