Sherlock (S04E02) “The Lying Detective”

Were back again with another episode you guys. And I just want to let you know, what I said last week about the 1st episode killing me..I was WRONG! This episode got me even more! Hit me in the FEELS, the EMOTIONS, [possibly the FACE, & then at the end I was like, “WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED! WHAT THE HELL DID I JUST WATCH??!!!”  Now, don’t lie to yourself. You felt the same way too. Now, the Game is afoot! To the review!

When we last saw all of our favorite characters on screen Mary had died & it all ended with hitting those credits really quick. But now were seeing how Mary’s hit all of them. John doesn’t want to see Sherlock, but John is still seeing his therapist. Yet, he won’t tell her that he’s hallucinating his dead wife badly or his drinking. Nope. He only talks about how he can’t sleep, how things aren’t good and how he can’t cope with his daughter being around so he sent her away. Before the conversation can go any further a nice car on a speed chase is in the drive way of the therapists home where John is. Who could it be?

We are now at Baker Street where Sherlock is talking to a woman who wants him to take her case. Her case is on the missing information she can’t remember about what Mr. Smith told her. To inform you, Mr. Smith: is a very smart business man that makes millions; also he’s a crazy murdering asshole (remember that). Well anywho, Mr. Smith put everyone he knew in the room on a drug that basically makes them forget what happened during a certain period of time. He announced the people in the room (she wrote that down), he asked them about how to get to a person by making them say there darkest secret, he finally said he wanted to kill someone (she wrote that down but doesn’t know who). There’s his case, finding out who he wants to kill.

Sherlock does brush the woman off to get more drugs dosed into his body but does notice something of course. An changes his mind. He goes on a stroll with her, making his deductions, his brother is spying on him (Sherlock spells FUCK OFF with the path he was going), and then he has a falling out. Sherlock is hallucinating more then normal which leads him to yell in agony. The man needs help, no he needs John. Which leads us back to the nice car. It’s Mrs. Hudson, can you believe it she has such a nice ass car! (John can’t drive it by the way). It takes John awhile to give in & tell Mrs. Hudson he promised to see Sherlock but she meant now. She had him locked in the trunk in handcuffs. Mrs. Hudson was scared for her life! Sherlock had pictures of Mr. Smith everywhere, yelling, thrashing about, shooting the walls, and even yelling at Mrs. Hudson! But she managed to get the upper had.

Sherlock was 2 weeks ahead of John on everything which baffled the hell out of John (literally). John does tag along with Sherlock because he basically pleads with him to tag along. He asked for help. They head to the prod-casting building to meet Mr. Smith, he greets them, he does his cereal commercial, then there off to the hospital to meet the children (Sherlock did take his phone to send a text), and right here is when I knew this guy was off. The way he spoke to John & Sherlock about killing or serial killers or death..was odd. What was even more odd was his “Favorite Room” which was where Sherlock had his down fall. Sherlock was wrong. The woman he meet was not Mr. Smith’s daughter, he was wrong. Then he snapped, tried to stab him, but John stopped him by giving him a server beating! Which Sherlock said he greatly deserved..for he killed his wife.

John is qiestioned, Sherlock is hospitalized, and Mycroft is searching his flat. Mycroft thinks he knows Sherlock but he’s wrong. Mrs. Hudson & John know Sherlock better then Mycroft. They find the video of Mary giving Sherlock the case. This is were Mrs. Hudson give Mycroft a piece of her mind & tells him to get out. When don’t see the whole video fully but while Sherlock is rushing to the hospital the scene keeps going back and forth to three different places. John making a call, Mary explaining to Sherlock what he needs to do, and Sherlock carrying out with what she asked. For Sherlock to die and go to the deepest part of hell. For that is his only way to save John Watson. At this point I found this the most saddest damn thing ever! Like what the hell Mary! I didn’t want to watch it…it was so sad! Sherlock crying, him saying repeatedly that he didn’t want to die, and Mr. Smith getting impatient so he suffocates him. (I almost want to destroy the TV at this point!)n But John saved the day, but Mr. Smith thought he won by getting rid of all of Sherlock’s voice recorders. Except the 4th one. Busted!

Back at the flat, John tells Sherlock that there keeping him off the drugs. An was going to say goodbye, til his phone went off. The Woman lives! Plus it’s Sherlock’s birthday, John never knew. Just like Sherlock never knew that John was cheating on his wife. He confessed, he told his hallucination, he told her he wanted so much more fro that other woman, and then he cried. All Sherlock could do was hug him and say it will be okay. But they both knew it wouldn’t. Eventually they did go out for cake for Sherlock’s birthday & Sherlock did where the damn hat. Cause he damn Sherlock Holmes.

But it doesn’t end there. The therapy session. John is feeling better, things are going swell with Sherlock & his daughter, but his therapist brings up the fact about the other sibling. The one that Mycroft tried to let slide & not mention. His therapist brought this up because, her name is Euros…her parents loved odd Sherlock & Mycroft. John is confused….She is there sister…..THE MYSTERIOUS DAMN SISTER!

Then she points the gun at John because he tries to flee & fires it.

See you guys for the finale, it may just bring me to tears.