This Is Us (S01E09) “The Trip”

After watching this episode, I wanted to give Mandy Moore and Sterling K. Brown a hug because their performance in this episode was unbelievably flawless.

After a chaotic Thanksgiving, Kate, Kevin and Randall travel to the family cabin to collect some of their stuff because Rebecca was going to sell it. Trying to talk to Randall of what their mother had done wasn’t really working, but the one solution that helped him was Kevin’s co-star’s ex boyfriend’s mushroom juice that did the trick.

When Randall drank mushroom juice, he started to hallucinate seeing Jack fixing the roof and having a conversation about what Rebecca has done to him. It had that feeling of “It’s a Wonderful Life” meets being high, in a way.

But anyway, Jack tells Randall that what they’ve done a lot for him and he shows him visions of what she was during a family game time. She looked happy, but Randall tells her straight a list of why she had ruin his life about not telling him about his father, William. At one point, Jack shows him what was really going on with Rebecca in those days, a mother of three, with a free caring husband, trying to keep everyone safe. We see her running to doors and windows and locking them with tears of fear. It was literally the best scene out of the whole episode.

In those flashbacks, Rebecca talks to William about Randall and talks about wanting to meet his dad but when it got overwhelming for her she left. It wasn’t til near the end after her, Jack and Randall were at the karate class that she wrote a letter to William that she thinks it the best that he doesn’t meet his father but sends him a photo at the age of eight years old.

This was a remarkable episode, probably one of it’s best so far. The performances from Brown and Moore left me with emotions that really made me think of family but also why the mother is literally the heart and soul of the family. It literally made me want to give them hugs and also my mother and grandmother too.

I didn’t really care for too much of Kevin inviting his co-workers from the play too much because it never really brought enough interest like Randall’s. But it was an okay storyline. I didn’t think that co-star was going to be his girlfriend anyway (liked to but didn’t).

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