The Good Place (S01E10) “Chapter 10: Chidi’s Choice”

Love was somewhere in the air in this week’s return episode of the new year.

As Michael tries to find a way to figure out how (fake) Eleanor can stay in the good place, (real) Eleanor goes her way and conducts an interview with (fake) Eleanor to see what they could use in their argument.

When she told them about how a big mess she made the first day, she then told about hoe Chidi has helped her, she returned the favor and described him in many ways. (Real) Eleanor thinks that she might have a crush on Chidi and thinking about she thinks she really does.

While back at Michael’s office, him and Chidi try to work up something that could help them with Eleanor, but it gets complicated due to Chidi’s lack of making a decision, for which happens to be his biggest issues. Michael tries to help him make a decision but it was just useless and we see flashbacks of him trying to make a decision from as a child to being a best man for his friend’s wedding and even trying to pick a place to get a beer, for which caused him to go to his death.

(Fake) Eleanor pulls away Chidi from Michael and expressed her feelings for him but soon after Tahani learned that Jianyu isn’t who he says he is and learns about the painting that Chidi made, she too expressed her love to Chidi. Talk about a real bachelor series going on or either someone turned up the romance love to 5 clicks.

Chidi leaves and talks to Michael about it. Michael thinks all of this is caused by him and so he takes him to the frozen yogurt shop and tries to make him make a decision. I feel like he’d picked (fake) Eleanor, which I was hoping but by the time he gets there to make his decision, she tells him that  it might not be love but she thinks of him as a best friend savoir kind of relationship. Also we see how Chidi dies too from a fallen air conditioner that he hit in his place, while talking about his best man speech and while choosing a place it fell right on him. Holy Crap!!!

At the end, (real) Eleanor comes back and over hears that Tahani has an idea of keeping (fake) Eleanor in the Good Place and heads over to Michael.

Other things: After Tahani’s upset with Jianyu, Janet comes and cheers him up with his favorite food. He wonders why has she been nice to him as it was the same way he treated her when she was rebooted and then the two fell in love and got married on the same day. It was one of the funniest moments throughout the episode, even the wedding was too.

Not to mention that (fake) Eleanor and Tahani had a very nice BFF time while waiting for Chidi to make a decision. Watching a classic BBC comedy series, for which I have no clue how a show lasted 16 years with 30 episodes, and also braiding hair as well. You know finally these two seem to be the best friends that they seem to be.

I thought that this episode as it’s first in the new year was really good. There were a lot of great moments, mostly about love and decision making. I thought that everyone played so well with one another from Kristen Bell to Jameela Jamil to William Jackson Harper and even D’Arcy Carden to Manny Jacinto as they were amazing and so funny. After waiting about two months, it wouldn’t have bothered me waiting (because I still have the episodes on my DVR and I watch them a lot when I get bored).

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