Family Guy: (S15E10) “Passenger Fatty Seven”

The dysfunctional, politically incorrect, and culturally diverse “thirsty”, series returns from the mid season break with a visit to The City; San Francisco.  Passenger Fatty-Seven” is a loose play on the Wesley Snipes film, Passenger 57 and a Sky jacking.  

The guys, Cleveland, Joe and Peter are on their way to San Francisco, on a family and friends jaunt, courtesy of Quagmire. This also reminds us he’s a pilot and surprisingly a very good one!

When they arrive in San Francisco, they do tourist stuff like, Ghirardelli’s Chocolate, the Golden Gate and get lesbian haircuts; to “get the gay stuff out of the way” they come across, Steph Curry (special guest voice) of the Golden State Warriors while checking out the sights. The forever charming Peter gets a chance to sit on the point guard’s lap during an interview, spewing his childlike obnoxiousness and excited to learn how to be a bad person!  

All is well and good, until at trip’s end. Quagmire gives a tour of the plane. Here the guys are introduced to the autopilot, a device he uses while on break. The guys accuse their host of goofing off while the plane is actually driven by automation.  This offends Quagmire and he kicks them out of the cockpit.  

Shortly thereafter, the plane gets hijacked by terrorists of an undisclosed Eastern European country. The terrorist threatens to kill Peter, unless Quagmire opens the cockpit. He refuses. During this time, the drama is covered by Tom Tucker on the local news. and  witnessed by Lois and the children, Ida Quagmire,(Glenn’s daddy-mama)  Donna and the Cleveland children, and Bonnie Swanson with baby Susie (Joe’s family) Lois’  fantasy of life without Peter, as The Quahog Girls (Golden Girls) is a light  of the episode  for me. Lois (Dorothy) sings, “thank you for being a friend” to Donna (Blanche) Bonnie (Rose) and Ida (ma) The idea of life in such a way is so appealing that  Stewie wants him (Peter) dead!

Meanwhile, “Double Trouble”, Joe & Cleveland, rescue Peter, while Quagmire does his thing in the cockpit with the final terrorist in the business suit!  He ‘belly rolls” the plane and lands in a large lake, like Sully landed in the Hudson, even after fighter planes, ordered to take down the flight, clipped one of the wings.  The FBI arrive and arrest the bad guys, the families arrive to embrace the heroes and Peter let’s us know the flight was courtesy of Spirit Airlines! “Ouch”

This episode was dedicated in memory of Carrie Fisher, who passed away on December 27, 2016