Chicago PD (S04E11): “You Wish”


I loved this episode. It had character growth and tension and a unique case.

Erin’s character had been fairly stagnant this season, so seeing her faced with more challenges with her mother was refreshing and entertaining. I am curious to see how her character will develop in the coming episodes. Could Voight be her father? What are her reservations about leaving Chicago, and would she leave behind Jay?

It is interesting having Burgess in Intelligence now. We loose a bit of perspective and variability in terms of police officers, but it is exciting for her character.

With all that said, I felt this episode ended unresolved. The promotional videos hyped up a cop vs. cop scenario, and while that certainly was the case (on a much more toned down level than I anticipated), the ending wasn’t perfectly clear? Who was the actual murderer? Was the officer really following orders, or was that his boss’s way of trying to make his prison sentence shorter?

There were a few loose ends that could have been fixed, but otherwise “You Wish” really did give viewers everything we’ve been wishing for.