The Vampire Diaries (S08E05) “Coming Home Was a Mistake”

Plot Summary:

Damon’s latest actions indicate he may be beyond the point of return; Stefan must make a tough decision; Bonnie gets advice on how to get through to Enzo; Matt tries to decipher a strange box of messages.

At the beginning of this episode we see Matt having to drive Tyler back to Mystic Falls so he can be buried with his family. Matt slowly calls their friends so they can all mourn their loss together. As Alaric processes the loss Selene comes to give him a break from the kids so he can process Tyler’s death and because he has no idea who she really is he lets her.

Bonnie stays at the cabin so she can try and help Enzo. She may not have her magic back but she does have a few tricks up her sleeve. She lights a magic candle that imprisons any supernatural being in the cabin. Enzo is now trapped in the Cabin. While stuck in the cabin with Enzo, Bonnie reaches out to Caroline for help to figure out a way to switch his humanity back on.

During Tyler’s funeral Damon makes and appearance and threatens everyone’s lives. He claims he is going to kill all of them. When Matt tries to attack him Damon tries to turn him into a vampire.

Even though they are mad that Damon killed Tyler they still want to help him get free from Sybil. As they figure out what to do Damon goes to see Sybil to have a hostile conversation with her. She tells him she senses his humanity trying to come back. She pushes for him to go see his brother to get it back if he wants all those horrible feelings back.

Later on Matt and his dad start boxing up Tyler’s home. He beaks down to his father about everything that is going on with what his life was like all those years being alone in Mystic Falls. As Matt is going through stuff he finds something Tyler left for him. It is information on Selene.

At the armory Alaric keeps trying to find Georgie and trying to find answers. While he’s working Selene is with the girls at the carnival. As Caroline gets an update from Selene Stefan receives a text from Damon to meet at the carnival.

When Bonnie comes back to the cabin she starts trying to trigger Enzo’s humanity> She throws gasoline everywhere in the cabin and then lights it up. Shes hoping Enzo loves her enough to switch his humanity back and save her.

At the carnival Stefan and Damon meet up. Stefan basically begs Damon to turn his humanity back on. Saying that feeling is the main reason to be alive. When Damon doesn’t give in to him Stefan attacks him. Just when things are getting bad for Stefan Caroline shows up to help him. Stefan was able to get Damon so he can hide him away in the hopes of bringing his humanity back.

Back at the cabin which is in flames Bonnie pushes herself to help Enzo. after inhaling all that smoke she ends up passing out. After a minute Enzo reacts by picking her up and taking her to safety. When she wakes up outside the cabin she sees he is stuck inside. She rushes in and puts the magical candle out so he can leave the cabin that’s burning down.

When Selene brings the girls home she uses the girls to do some magic on a dead fish they got at the carnival.

When Matt figures out all the information on what Tyler left for him he discusses it with his father. The go through it all together and his father gives him some much needed support.

Back at the armory one of Alaric’s students gets called to a crime scene to find Georgie. He leaves and doesn’t know better and leave Sybil alone. She then escapes from her prison.

After Damon is locked up and Enzo is free from Sybil everyone gathers together to give Tyler’s funeral another try. Everyone says some really touching words about him and Elena. They then share and make some happy memories with each other.

With everyone at the carnival Sybil finds Damon and frees him from his shackles. Caroline and Matt have a moment and talk the girls. That’s when Matt recognizes Selene from Tyler’s stuff. He warns Caroline and Alaric and they rush home to am empty house. Their girls are nowhere to be found. All they find is a mysterious picture drawn by the girls.