Chicago Med (S02E10): “Heart Matters”

“Heart Matters” was a heartwarming episode with surprisingly little stakes.

The death of Kate, which kicks off this episode, posed interesting questions for Maggie – how would she react? Would her ability to work be changed by the fact that Kate had arrested her? Similar to Chicago PD‘s latest episode, I think promotion played up this plot line far more than what the episode actually delivered. There wasn’t as much tension or real conflict at all. It was all very subtle and sweet.

Dr. Manning has a rough day at work in this episode, and ends it by breaking up with Jeff. I think the breakup fit Manning’s character, it was kind and thoughtful, not a rash decision. I wonder if this will present opportunity for Manning and Halstead to get together? What were your opinions on this decision?

“Heart Matters” really signified Chicago Med and the entire Chicago franchises’ value of character, not just plot.