Emerald City (S01E03) Mistress-New-Mistress

Holy Moly, okay so we had quite a lot happen in this episode! But I will say this I’m impressed by this series; literally impressed, because they have all these characters who your following their different stories and different paths and we see so much within each episode. Its like a delicious desert you never want that delicious taste of it to end; okay maybe thats not the greatest way to describe each episode of this but you all get what I mean. We also learned a little bit about Dorothy’s past which makes us wonder, was her falling through that tornado really an accident? Or was it meant to be? And I have to admit the character who died in tonight’s episode I am still sad and crying in the inside of his death; I really liked that character.

In this episode: Dorothy (Adria Arjona) awoke from a gun shot heard in the distance revealing Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) was wondering what the weapon was. When Lucas asked Dorothy about the weapon she asks him to give her the gun back. When Lucas returns the gun to Dorothy, he makes a valiant argument that a sword would do more harm than a gun; but others may disagree. Lucas and Dorothy then began their journey towards the Wizard (Vincent D`Onofrio) but when the two stumble upon the town of the Witch of the East, they are interrupted by trying to be killed by the Wizard’s men. Lucas and Dorothy then change their plans to see the Witch of the East’s castle to see if the guardian of the castle will be more of help.

Meanwhile, Jack (Gerran Howell) and Tip (Jordan Loughran) try to figure out where to go next. As Tip is still trying to figure out why and how this has happened to her/him but Jack tells Tip they have to get her a cure. Jack suggests they go to the city of Ev. When Jack and Tip arrive in Ev City  they try getting some food at a restaurant. While there the waitress ends up telling Tip she might want to cover up her “goods” (in other words the boobs). Tip then needs to use the restroom and goes in there to cry, hating whats happening to his or her body.

Meanwhile at the Emerald City, The Wizards right hand man (Vincent D`Onofrio) is then given a warning by his servant Elizabeth (Roxy Sternberg) that the beast will be coming soon to destroy a city with a blaze of fire. However with eyes of deceit Anna (Isabel Lucas)  and wishes to speak with the Wizard. When Anna speaks with the Wizard (Onofrio) she explains that Elizabeth had lied and that the passage that Elizabeth read from was mis-interpreted that the passage only means that its going to snow. The Wizard requests to have more proof by investigating to find out if anyone had to do anything with the prostitutes who killed themselves or if it truly means the Beast is coming.

Back with Dorothy and Lucas; As Dorothy and Lucas travel closer and closer to the castle of Witch of the East, Dorothy (Arjona) reveals Gale isn’t her true last name, she was adopted by the Gale’s when her real parents the Chapman’s gave her up for adoption. Dorothy continues to say she wishes that she had met her real parents but never had the opportunity, by the time she found out about the truth her real parents were already death. When Dorothy and Lucas reach the castle it is then protected by Solomon the protector of Witch of the East. When Salomon sees through Dorothy and Lucas being guilty of a crime he can not see, Salomon then decides kill them for their deceit. But before he can start Dorothy reveals she wears the gauntlets of the Witch of the East. Salomon then decides to help Dorothy but tells her she must be cleansed.

Meanwhile at Ev City, Tip and Jack visit a shop of a medicine man that might be able to help them. Tip asks Hugh (Stewart Scudamore) if he can possibly make more of the medicine she needs. Hugh tells Jack and Tip to wait he will see what he can do. Only to reveal that Tip was never born as a boy but born as a girl and was given that medicine to make her seem she was a boy but never was. Given this information Tip ran away but Jack chose to follow.

Meanwhile at Emerald City, Anna (Lucas) decides to investigate Wicked Witch of West (Ana Ularu) but reveals that West had nothing to do with the deaths of those prostitutes because she doesn’t like using magic. She prefers to have her prostitutes of her brothel use poppy seeds it gives a better high and addiction than magic does. When West then remembers Anna she tells Anna the truth about herself she was born in Oz but kept away only to find her way back now in these days. When Anna gets this information she continues on the investigation with the prostitutes.

Back with Dorothy, Dorothy goes into the chamber to become cleansed; when Dorothy sees the cleansing portal she becomes frightened but Salomon tells Dorothy she must control the elements. As Dorothy then uses the gauntlets to help teleport her to the location to be cleansed she finds herself finding a jacket with the name Chapman on it. When Dorothy returns Salomon is then given the truth that Witch of the East was killed by her hand in a way but as Salomon was about to kill Lucas; Lucas killed Salomon and both Lucas and Dorothy with Toto escaped from the destructing powers of the portal. Dorothy then admits to Lucas that he is right, she is more dangerous than he is. The two then decide to venture on their way to find the Wizard.

At Emerald City, The Wizard continues to believe Elizabeth that the Beast will be coming but then reveals that Anna was right. All what the passage really meant was that it was going to snow and snow it has.

At the end of the episode: Jack (Gerran Howell) tries telling Tip (Jordan Loughran) that she is still Tip. But Tip ignores it telling Jack about Tip’s (boy version) dreams and hopes and with unexpectedness Jack kisses Tip but apologizes not knowing why he wanted to kiss her but they can still be best friends. In anger Tip pushes Jack over the railing making Jack land on the snowy ground killing him with Tip looking down at his corpse.

Next Episode: Emerald City(S01E04): Science and Magic airs Friday January 20, 2017