Breathe Easy (2016, Indie Film)

Normally, this is the space where I’d list cast, directors, and writers. But this is a different kind of indie film. Paul Mackie gathered ten wonderful writers around and decided to make a different kind of film. The film is “Breathe Easy,” and was shot with twenty directors, across ten countries.  Jeff Fiorentino did the awesome music for the film.

 This film explores the effect “it,” a red cloud has on the worlds populace. It’s very telling how people react the same. Some calmly, others taking to the streets and looting, across the world. Yet, all wondering what is happening to their world. “Breathe Easy” follows different people, from South Africa, Germany, Australia, Hong Kong, India, Mexico, the UK and the U.S. People trying to find their loved ones, trying to stay safe, maybe get out of the cities. The film also shows how seriously, or in some cases, how nonchalantly a crisis is dealt with.

This movie is also filled with lovely British humor. There are also some easter eggs thrown in the film. For example: The British PM, (played wonderfully by Neil May),asking for a situation update, addresses the military John Major (the great Grant Murphy) as Major Tom. Major: “Sir, my name’s not Tom.” PM: “I don’t recall asking for your life story! I asked for an update.” The wit flies fast. 

Our main mates in the UK, Danny (Chris Bain) and Steve (Simon Green), are….well, their a pair. Danny is the level-headed one, Steve, more relaxed. Soon they hook up with Mark (Andrew Regan) and his flat-mate, Pete (Paul Mackie). Mark and Pete are drinkers…meeting up as Mark scours the closed shops for beer. Pete woke up twenty miles away, in a field. No, he has “no f*&^ clue” how he got there.

Things spiral out of control in the cities…we’re even treated with a few zombies. The only explanation is aliens. The root of every problem, it seems. Yet, the answer isn’t as simple as that. I’m not going to say anymore, except watch the film.

It seems odd, the way it jumps around, but it all makes sense. Keeping you updated on the cities around the world. The humor…that is awesome. It flies like a Benny Hill sketch. Look away and you’ll miss something.

I was following Paul Mackie on twitter (I recommend him) while he was making this film. He and the crew and cast worked hard to bring “Breathe Easy” to life. It’s a simple straight forward indie film. But the story is something else…in a very good way. This film will have you laughing, wondering what the hell is going on. The pay off is priceless. See the film and let me know what you think.