Sleepy Hollow (S04E02) “In Plain Sight”

With a week to have contemplated the Sleepy Hollow premiere, it perhaps should have been obvious that Molly could be or would be the other Witness. But, many viewers probably fell into the trap of assuming Agent Thomas was that person…

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The episode opens with a ringing sound. There is a dark room. Outside a storm rages. Ichabod (Tom Mison) cries out for Abbie. It’s clear he still longs for her. He sees a young girl.  “Who are you?” he asks.  Crane wakes up, and sees Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) using a Tibetan Singing Bowl, which is supposed to help locate the next Witness.  Crane expresses his gratitude to Jenny, who has relocated to be near him, and is living in a mobile home in a junkyard.  Crane heads out to the Vault.

Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies) speaks to his pet US Representative. “Pray that what my people dig up out of the ground is NOT your BODY!” Dreyfuss then visits three witches whose specialty is detecting lies. Emphasis is placed on the clock in the background. Telling them that the stone has nothing to do with witches, Dreyfuss asks them if he is lying. Uh, oh. BUSTED. Lead witchipoo exits. Painfully.

Diana (Janina Gavankar) gets the concept of breakfast, but not the execution. Molly (Oona Yaffe) is still not talking.

Over at the Vault, Jake (Jerry MacKinnon) has mapped the tunnels.  Alex (Rachel Melvin) and Jake hear someone creeping around, so they smash a lamp defending against an intruder, who turns out to be Crane. Jake is emulating Crane, which is very endearing.  Crane provides the cipher key for Jake so he can go decrypt some volumes.  Between Crane’s Uber and Alex’s Tinder – the current references continue to be amusing.

Agent Thomas arrives at a crime scene with a stabbing victim whose tongue was cut out. And, she’s discovered that her PHONE can see reality, even though humans are fooled by the glamour which disguises the body as a young woman. Nice touch.  Diana: “She’s not going to wake up in a morgue van and start killing people?” Crane: “Stranger things have happened.”

There’s a flashback of John Andre who is accused of spying. Lo and behold, the three woman, er, witches are there. Diana notes they are “A lie-detecting coven weaponized by George Washington. Maybe that’s why he couldn’t tell a lie.” (“Not to Martha, that’s for sure!”)  The remaining two lie-detector witches, enjoying their newfound freedom, take care of a couple of scuzzy pickup artists at a bar.

Diana and Crane probe each others personal painful pasts. Crane asks about Molly and her sudden silence. Crane sees Molly on Agent Thomas’ phone, and realizes she’s the girl from his vision!

“My tastes are nothing if not eclectic.”  When Crane and Thomas arrive at the scene, it’s not just the two scuzzballs that are dead, but the entire bar!  Must have been a LOT of lying. Fortunately, the current recording devices see through the glamour.  Crane and Thomas realize that Washington. DC is a hotbed of dishonesty and backstabbing and that they better find these witches stat.

Jake trace the sisters to the plot of land deeded to them from Washington for turning in Andre and Arnold. In the meantime, Alex, who is disturbed by Crane, figures out that he has to be the same guy from 1781. So, they discuss how he could possibly be a time-traveler. This concept thrills Jake.

Jenny arrives at Molly’s school in time to kick the asses of two mean girls beating up Molly. Diana and Crane arrive. But, Jenny with Molly freaks out Diana. While the Tibetan bowl hum plays in the background, Crane and Molly are astonished to see each other.

Jenny and Crane discuss that Molly isn’t Abbie. Jenny makes a great point that Abbie being a Witness tore their family apart, so she wants to help make sure that doesn’t happen to Molly and Diana’s family. The show does a great job at drawing a balance between Diana being very protective and being bitchy. She’s establishing a boundary, which was very appropriate.

As they enter the hidden house, Diana catches Jenny’s B&E euphemism INSTANTLY. The clock ticking becomes more noticeable. Ooops, Agent Thomas triggers the clock. The sisters arrive. One sister takes on punishment of Diana, and Jenny intervenes. The other sister, who had seen Crane back during the Revolutionary War, takes on Crane. They try to get the truth out of Crane, but the clock stops, instantly aging the sisters.

Alex, Jake, Crane and Diana review documents that Alex located, which identify that objects may be being collected. But by whom? And, for what reason!?

Diana and Molly share breakfast for dinner. (Pet peeve…I don’t like fake eating and drinking out of empty cups. It’s obvious and distracting.) Jenny and Crane peek in on this and don’t have the heart to burst in and wreck the reconciliation happening. Jenny’s passionate about telling them the truth, but Crane won’t wreck this one last night of innocence.

(It seems as if Diana may end up sort of being a regent to Molly.  At least Molly may not have to go through what Abbie did, because no one knew what was happening with Abbie.)

We revisit Dreyfuss’ lair. Jobe “Snakeeyes” (Kamar de los Reyes) notes that Crane’s compatriot (HEADLESS!) is on his way. Our final shot is of Headless galloping off to Washington.

This episode was another with great humor and timing. The visuals were generally excellent. Jenny and Crane are very close and this is wonderful and not maudlin.  Direction continues to be smooth with good pacing.  No dark interior shots (Yay).  Stylistically, the cinematography of the premiere episode was a callback to Len Wiseman’s technique with the show premiere.  While that was entertaining, the style of this episode was equally pleasant, even though it had less of the unique angles.  The buildup of Dreyfuss as the bad guy who happens to also be entertaining and not overwrought is terrific.  Even Jobe has a bit of a sense of humor (“track lighting?”)  It’s funny to be happy that Headless is returning. Ol’ Reliable.

Grade: A

“Heads of State” (ahahaha) airs on Fox on Friday, January 20, 2017 at 9:00 p.m.