The Goldbergs (S04E12) “Snow Day”

Review: For the first time ever, William Penn Academy closes due to the snow and Beverly thinks this is the perfect day for Erica to start working on her college essay about her hero. Erica of course just wants to enjoy her day off and because she already finished her essay, she can just do nothing all day. Bev wants to find out who Erica wrote about and turns her room upside down to find the essay. When she finds it and reads that she is Erica’s hero, she is thrilled, but of course ruins Erica’s life with it by wanting to do everything together now. Erica decides to rewrite her essay and makes herself her own hero. But when Beverly hears about this, she’s disappointed and tells Erica that her essay was all she had left, now that Erica is growing up. But Erica responds by saying: “You shouldn’t need some essay to know that you really are my hero” and mother and daughter make up.

Adam and Barry have to shovel the driveway, but instead they build a snow fort. When Murray finds out and gets mad at the boys, he gets stuck in the entrance of the snow fort and that’s when Adam and Barry realize that their dad is vulnerable and doesn’t actually have any power. They try to take advantage of it and stand up against Murray, starting with ignoring him when he grounds them. “It’s a snow day revolution!” Murray tells them that he will stop getting involved in their lives because they don’t listen to him, knowing that they will need him at some point. That point comes soon enough when Barry takes Adam to go car sledding and loses him. Murray ends up being the hero of the day when he finds Adam and the balance in the house is restored.

This was a pretty typical episode of The Goldbergs, it included things we’ve already seen before, but this doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it. I thought both plots were good and had their funny moments. I especially liked Adam this week, he had some of the best lines, but my favorite parts were Beverly’s lip syncing and Erica chasing Beverly to the mailbox. All in all, this was a solid episode without too many special moments, but funny nonetheless.

We have seen a couple of Erica’s storylines this season about college, and it’s making me more and more curious about how it will change the show when Erica goes off to college, but I guess we’ll find out about that next season.

The Goldbergs returns with a new episode in 3.5 weeks, on February 8th…😩

Rating: 8/10