The Good Place (S01E11) “Chapter 11: What’s My Motivation?”

Maybe instead of Pokemon Go, this would be a better version called Be Kind Go (yeah that didn’t sound good but it was a thought).

When we last left, Tahani had an idea to make sure Eleanor stayed in The Good Place she can earn enough points back so that her points made sure she can stay. But that would come to an issue when looking at the points, the (fake) Eleanor actually has over -4,000 points but the average is over 1.2 million. Yeah, seems impossible right?

Tahani helped (Fake) Eleanor by doing kindness like holding doors open and saying kind things like have a nice day and such. But that seem to backfire after saying those nice things, those gave her the stink eye and nothing goes up in the points meter.

So Tahani had the idea to have a town hall kind of meeting with the people of the Good Place about Eleanor. There were a few that didn’t like her because of what she has done. So Tahani had another idea to throw a party to lighten everyone to like Eleanor.

Meanwhile, (real) Eleanor and Chidi had breakfast together and she had a hidden message for him inside a poached egg, that read “I Love You.” But to Chidi, he thought it was from the egg and realized that she was the one that loved him, putting him in an awkward spot and asked (fake) Eleanor for advice. That advice seemed to help in the points because it bump up a bit.

Michael figures out about Jianyu is really Jason Mendoza, who happens to be like Eleanor and also learned that he and Janet are married. Michael interviews Jason again like Eleanor but this time, it seemed that he was a lot worst than she was and literally gave Michael chest pains (Jianyu broke Michael!!!). We also learn how he died and that it was mistaken when the real Jianyu was in a meta state of mind and got crossed with Jason. Also the two have the same IQ: a seven year old mind.

At the party, Tahani and Eleanor hopes that this would work, but after a disappointing Michael gave a disappoint speech, Eleanor gave a speech about how sorry she was about the stuff she has caused. But it seemed that it just wasn’t working until she made a joke with Pobody’s Nerfect and got a lot of laughs, but it just didn’t seem to work in earning points. But it gave Eleanor the reason why it wasn’t working and went off to do what she thought was best…leaving The Good Place for good.

As she wait for the train, Janet and Jason try to leave too, because they love one another (it’s so humorist Ex-Machina, right?). There a train rolls in, it’s Sean, the judge, and as he gets off, the three get on and take off. As Michael tells Sean about Eleanor thinking he has a strong case, Sean tells him about them leaving on his train and we see Eleanor out the window saying sorry to everyone.

This was another superb episode that had a lot of great moments from Janet and Jason of their love for one another (especially the scene about her having many tongues) to Michael and Jason having their interview, which was second funniest behind the tongue bit. Manny Jacinto really stole this episode. Bell and Jamil work so well in this one as well. There’s still a bit inside me that hopes Chidi and (fake) Eleanor might have strong feelings for one another, but I think that’s just my reaction hopes from last week’s episode. The writing was really good.

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You can catch the one hour Judgement Day season finale of The Good Place this Thursday night at 8/7c on NBC.