The Great Indoors (S01E10) “The Explorers’ Club”


Insults and poop jokes reign supreme in this episode. 

Roland (played by the brilliant Stephen Fry) is being recognised by the Chicago Adventure Society and must make an appearance. This is where adventurer royalty hangs out and  Jack informs the team that they are going as well. They need to experience the spectacle first hand. 

Emma is in the middle of a quarter life crisis. Realizing that she isn’t getting any younger,  and at the tender age of 26 she is now laughing at mom jokes, dressing more sensibly and trying to become a mentor. She must be old. Right? 

The Adventure Society is stuffy and full of older men (and two women) who talk in unbridled insults and bragging rights. And the fact Jack seems to dote over the Society’s president the way Clark does with Jack makes for some amusing situations. Roland is asked to tell the tale one of his iconic adventures, of course he obliges. It was the one that spurred Jack into wanting to become an adventurer himself. 

As Roland launches into his epic tale it is quite the spectacle to behold. Nothing is held back, and the performance that he gives is magnificent. Just as his story is coming to a close, that’s when the president of the Adventure Society blind side’s him with an accusation, that his story is one big farce. With shock and outrage, it is revealed that the pack and body of Roland’s mountain guide was found 1000 feet below the mountain peak, which didn’t correspond with his story, where the guide had died on the peak. 

Roland is suspended from the Adventure Society until the contents of the bag could be inspected and his story validated. The team decides to band together and try to prove that Roland is telling the truth. 

Depression has sunk in for Roland who is shuffling about in his house coat. He decides to go drink away his sorrows at Eddie’s bar with Emma in tow, the fact that she’s getting older is too much for her. Of course the rest of the team is soon to follow. There has to be more to the story, and there is. Roland admits that he had to alter some of his story, but it was to make sure his friend died with some dignity, instead of the horrible and grotesque way that he did (explosive diarrhea). 

Jack, Brooke and the rest of the team decide to go back to the Adventure Society, they need to get the guide’s pack to prove once and for all that Roland’s story actually happened. Clark decides to head up the recovery mission, his very first adventure, and with Emma and Mason in tow they were able to get the evidence they needed. Not without the accidental destruction of the president’s office. Clark is like a human tornado, it’s a comedy of errors yet they are triumphant in their deed! 

Not only is Roland’s name cleared, but Emma has also written her first feature article. Maybe getting older isn’t such a bad thing after all.

As the adventure comes to a close Roland realizes that he is part of a much better group, the one with the Outdoor Limit’s crew. They have become a tight-knit “family” of sorts, despite all the differences, they always seem to have each others backs. Loyalty goes a long way.

Between the sarcastic banter and over the top insults, there is some great comedic performances coming from this show. It is one of the things that keeps me watching. 


Rating: 9/10