Family Guy: (S15E11) “Gronkowsbees”

In this 11th episode of the season, football player Rob Gronkowski (himself) guest stars.

The show begins with the guys at the Drunken Calm, watching the New England Patriots vs…  It doesn’t matter.  A conversation about drones comes up and the invasion of privacy, so Peter immediately buys one. He scans the neighborhood with his new, bad, prying drone & finds po’ Mr. Siegel is dead. The house is bought my #87, Gronkowski, their new “butt buddy” 

However, Gronkowski is found to be a loud, party animal, complete with sexual movements, innuendos and just bad behavior; like whipping the groin of Peter with a towel and throwing a bus at him, crying “Go long. Peter and the guys try to get rid of him, yet he’s too strong. He beats them all down while eating a sandwich

Meanwhile, Stewie’s having a tea party, sucking air with added honey; real honey  from his very own homegrown bees.  He invites Brian to join him.  After sucking air and tasting the honey; he actually thinks Stewie has a winner and should sell his product at the Farmer’s Market. And Brian is right, they sell out their first time out.  Seeing the need for supply and demand, Stewie gives his bees steroids in order to increase the honey output. Although Brian thinks steroid use is a bad idea, Stewie does it anyway. A jack o-lantern head on the body of  Barry Bonds agrees; while a woman, who looks like a caretaker, prepares him for bed by blowing out the candle in his head.

Of course, the honey bees develop super strength, attack Brian and Stewie who escape, the market to home. Stewie throws the hive with the Queen Bee, over the fence and into the back yard of Gronkowski.  The bees follow and attack. This forces Gronkowski and his family (all of the Gronkowski brothers and dad) to leave town.  And the Gronkowski problem is solved as well as the steroid killer bees.

 This episode had its funny moments through out.  I like the way all things tied up, bringing the 2 stories together, for an “all’s well” conclusion. It doesn’t happen often, although all parties are on the same property! I’ll keep on the look out for Cherry and Jerry tales (Chevapravatdumrong and Langford, writer and director) in the future.  I like it!