Lucifer (S02E11) “Stewardess Interruptus” Review

So after a long break we’re finally back and Lucifer and Chloe were FINALLY going to kiss until… Stewardess Interruptus. Hot flight attendant Jana comes in unannounced breaking the romance and Chloe couldn’t get out of there fast enough. And Lucifer’s jets were cooled instantly sending Jana on her way. Charlotte stops by the next day to say she actually approves of Chloe (which is seriously suspicious given that last episode) and that Lucifer should pursue this romance. Maze was excited to announce that the murderer who killed Chloe’s dad was found dead. However, Chloe didn’t share her roommate’s enthusiasm leaving Maze livid. Vodka and sugar cereal drowned her confused sorrows. At a crime scene Lucifer attempts to explain himself but Chloe isn’t having it calling Lucifer a “would-be mistake”. Then Jana once again ruins everything by showing up at a crime scene… dead. Chloe seemed a bit jealous despite her denial. They find Jana’s cell phone with a text from some other guy Andy and go to check it out. Maze shows up to the precinct to get her check and to celebrate with Dan over their victory of getting justice for Chloe. But Dan also doesn’t feel like shouting “hooray”. Well they are in a police station. Anyone else think these guys should hook up? Or at least a one night stand. Lucifer dresses in his finest linen as he and Chloe attend Andy’s pool party. Chloe doesn’t believe she and Lucifer would work out as they’re too different: she likes staying at home being with Trixie and Lucifer likes wild sex and parties. Opposites often attract. But it turns out to be a dead end. Almost literally as they are called to another murder of a another flight attendant Raj.

Lucifer also slept with Raj. Yep! Chloe’s surprised that Lucifer plays for both teams. So now Chloe figures it’s another of Lucifer’s lovers that are killing off his other ones out of jealousy. The police precinct starts to rain hot men and women as Chloe interviews Lucifer’s many hook ups. Dan and Lucifer hang back to watch and it seems Dan still has feelings for Chloe even though he suggested the split. But back to Lucifer’s thing, though his exes sing his sexual praises they reveal that he was nothing more than a meaningless hook up. Awww Lucifer was just a piece of meat to them which leaves him feeling hollow. Chloe asked if any of them were “intimate” like did he buy them dinner but they all said “no” leading Chloe to believe that perhaps Lucifer was genuine in his affections. Suddenly Charlotte shows up. She needs to start calling first. Dan and Lucifer freak out a little for their own reasons. Charlotte is pretty blunt that she didn’t think Chloe was worthy of Lucifer but left the others because Lucifer never showed any emotional attachment to them. Charlotte is really trying to push these two kids together. Seriously NOT trusting Mom. Maze was feeling down she went to see her bff/therapist to figure out why she’s so mad no one is happy she killed someone for a friend. Linda gets Maze to realize that she doesn’t need the approval or validation of anyone else because she’s awesome. This was the boost Maze needed. She now believes she’s awesome! Chloe interviews more of Lucifer’s hook ups and finds out that Lucifer may have a stalker after all. A girl named Sookie has a shrine to Lucifer in her apartment. Lucifer is flattered at first despite all the photos and voodoo dolls but then gets a little creeped out at the end (so he’s not totally self-absorbed). Sookie points them in the direction of Jana and Raj’s pilot friend, Tim. Charlotte and Amenadiel talk about how to push Chloe and Lucifer together. At least Charlotte can say some nice things about humanity: espressos and sex. Amenadiel is wary about deceiving Lucifer but Charlotte’s weapon is the truth which is much more lethal. Whatever it takes to get them home.

Lucifer and Chloe engage in a high speed chase as Tim drives his plane. Tim is relieved it’s a cop chasing him saying that some drug dealer named Bert recruited Jana and a package went missing. Bert suspects Tim was involved but all he wants to do is open a cat sanctuary. Chloe decides to set up a trap. Chloe gets Maze to pose as the new flight attendant who may or may not have the package. Maze is all in but says she doesn’t need validation because she will take risks for her friends. Amenadiel goes to see Lucifer. Lucifer asked if he was boyfriend material. Amenadiel tells his brother that Lucifer is capable of anything as he constantly underestimates himself. Dan is at the bar for the sting and Maze pulls up in her best slutty flight attendant outfit. (Okay anyone wanna take a pool on if these two hook up?) Maze tried to get Dan to admit to some sin… to admit he had sex with Charlotte while Chloe and Lucifer are in the van listening. Dan seemed more relieved and anxious at the same time: one, Maze didn’t mention the murder they helped commit and two, now Chloe knows about Dan’s indiscretion. Lucifer tells Chloe that he wants to prove his worth to her but Chloe is still not convinced. She still believes they are too different. Lucifer goes out for some air as Bert approached Maze. They went to a private room but Maze roughed him up getting him to admit he wasn’t Bert. Some guy paid him to walk up to the bar and real Bert has a gun to Lucifer’s head. Bert was at Andy’s party. The package turns out not to be drugs but something more valuable. But Lucifer’s immortal and Chloe was far enough away so Lucifer revealed his true face sending Bert into hysterics making him surrender quickly. In another hanger Andy has the package but he doesn’t look so good. A shadowy figure in a trench coat and fedora kills him and takes the package full of vials. A plague? Lucifer and Chloe hang on the beach and Lucifer says that she deserves someone better than him. Chloe is overcome with emotion and kisses Lucifer realizing maybe opposites do attract and maybe it can work.


A+! After such a long break the show did not disappoint. I’m hoping the show gets a season 3. Dan and Lucifer haven’t become bros but they are nicer to each other. I love how they’re getting along, they’ve kind of bonded over the season. Maze has become my role model and I’m happy to see she has self worth. She’s been a servant for so long it’s nice to see her gain some confidence in herself and see that she’s awesome and it makes her a better friend. I’m getting more anxious about how Charlotte and Amenadiel are going to use Chloe and Lucifer’s new romance to get them home. Given the previews of Chloe’s endless nosebleed I assume something sinister like blood sacrifice. I sincerely doubt Lucifer will just play along with this or even forgive Amenadiel and Mom EVER if anything happens to Chloe!