Sherlock (S04E03) “The Final Problem”

Yup, I know..late review, late me. I sorry (not really) but I did watch the episode late. Actually I watched it around 12am on Monday when it hit OnDemand. I kid you guys not I was clinging to my couch and screaming the whole damn time at my TV! This episode was so twisted and crazy as hell!

So, we know that Sherlock has a mysterious sister but know nothing about her. Mycroft does and he freaking fears this girl! Why? Because she can manipulate people into doing things they don’t want to do. Which is deadly as hell if I might add. The only issue Sherlock is having with this whole sister thing is “Why don’t I remember her Mycroft?” question. Not even Mycroft truly knows why he forgot her but after the incident with “Redbeard” as a child Sherlock changed highly. Mycroft informed John and Sherlock that she was held on an island, in a cell, that was basically like it’s own bit of hell. Adventure anyone?

It doesn’t take them long to get into the facility at all. The problem is the back stab of all of Myecroft’s workers and even the sister! Mycroft and John were looking at old footage with the Governor of the sister when the tables were turned and they were knocked out an imprisoned. As for Sherlock, he wanted answers..which he somewhatly got til his sister knocked him out. There’s no glass on that cell, so of course she got out.

Here’s where things got deadly and scary. Sherlock, Mycroft , and John had to go through a series of trials. 1st: Sherlock had to pick who to shoot the Governor. He chose John, but John couldn’t do it. So the Governor blew his brains out to save his wife. That didn’t help, she still died. Also, we did have some lovely Moriarty sound effects as well in the background to make it more suspenseful. yes she meet Moriarty unsupervised for 5 minutes. Bad idea Mycroft.

The 2nd: He had to solve a case of who shot who. With only images, a gun, and then a few moments later all three men hanging by ropes over deadly water and rocks. Sherlock, John, and moody Mycroft had to buckle up an solve it. They did of course but no helping it..she still had them all killed. John caves and wants to know why, but Sherlock reminds him it’s her game and we must stay strong. They must be soldiers. The 3rd: There’s a coffin, with “I love you” on it. Sherlock things someone has to go in it but no. Sherlock has to convince a sad Molly to say I love you to Sherlock in 30seconds or she dies! I was screaming a this point, I mean I was screaming before but I was screaming more! Molly was being so damn difficult! But she had her reasons, the reason she couldn’t say it so willingly was because it was true. Molly was in love with Sherlock Holmes and Sherlock seriously didn’t know. Molly said she would say it if Sherlock told her and meant it. At this point I kind of want to throw my TV! Sherlock staggered a bit, but he then said at the last few seconds Molly freaking said it! I was like thank gosh! Thank freaking gosh! I was going to say I was done if Molly freaking died!

Now before I get to the 4th trial, they are also given a bit of talking time to save a girls life on a plane that’s going to crash. A plane full of sleeping people.  Before we could move to the 4th trial, Sherlock snapped. He hated being toyed like this, pulled around like a puppet who literally has no damn control! He thrashed, yelled, and broke the coffin…then sat on the floor. John picked up the gun (in the 1st trial his sister Eurus told Sherlock to hold on to the gun, for he would need it) and told Sherlock he knew this was hard but he had to get up. Stay soldiers til the end.

The 4th: Sherlock had to pick someone to help him solve the case of the girl trapped on the plane but kill the other. Mycroft told him they were family and John was nothing more then a suffering solider. John wanted a say in it, but Mycroft said this takes wit not brute force. At this point John give in and prepares himself for the shot.Sherlock points the gun at Mycroft, reminding him of the 5 minutes with Mycroft as a gift was a bad idea. Mycroft doesn’t really argue in my opinion, he just says not the face. His heart instead, if he has one. Sherlock still couldn’t do it so he puts the gun under his neck and counts down. Eurus finds this unfair and cheating! She knocks them all out with a drug.

Now this got even worse. They were all split up, Mycroft no where to be found John has no idea where he is, and Sherlock has been out for hours. It drives him even more up the wall when the speaker in his ear keeps switching from the little girl, to Eurus chanting the song about where to find Redbeard, and John finally concluding in a well. It’s a terrible emotional and mental roller coaster ride at this point with Sherlock trying to remember what really happened to Redbeard. When he does though, it’s devastating. John finds bones in the well, Sherlock says there of a dog, but John tells him he’s wrong. It’s a young child’s bones. It finally hits Sherlock, Redbeard was never a dog but a young boy who was his best friend. His best friend he always hung out with, his sister was jealous…so she killed him.

Now that he knows, the game is truly afoot. He must race to figure out how to help the girl on the plane. Which is then revealed to be nothing but Eurus imitating a young girls voice. He comforts her saying she isn’t alone and he was there but need to know where John was. For John was running out of time! He was changed to the bottom of the well and the water was highly rising. Sherlock was not going to lose another best friend.

In the end, Mycroft told his parents what truly happened to there sister. Sherlock visits her and they both play violin together for that’s really truly all she ever wanted. There flat got remodeled after Eurus blew it up earlier in the episode; also the baby comes over more often to the flat. Sherlock and John get one final message from Mary stating that she knows they will never change, they will always be her Baker Street Boys, and they will go on forever solving amazing cases together. For that is what they truly love doing, getting the thrill out of it all. Let the New Game Begin!