Teen Wolf (S06E07) “Heartless”

Hello all! Sorry for the late late review, been busy. But I hoped you enjoyed the episode as much as I did. Now to the review.

This episode was quite surprising. Theo went through a terrible heart ripping inception dream. It made my head spin! Malia basically wants Theo dead; she does manage to get her fathers help after forcefully saving his life. Scott & Liam’s gang actually come up with a good solid plan to capture a Ghost Rider. At first I though it would’ve went terribly wrong, but they caught him! Here’s the next problem, talking to him.  No biggie, Mason figured out they needed Parrish again. He can communicate yet he can also be controlled very damn easily by the Ghost Rider! Well I’ll be damned!

Meanwhile in Lydia’s own way she convinces Papa Stilinski that Stiles is real. It did irritate me a bit that he was being stubborn at first but then he lightened up. He was the one to take the leap in the first place to throw off all that damn wallpaper and dry wall to find his son’s room. But this proves Lydia was right, he was scared to remember the truth. Now he knows, he’ll slowly remember more, but will he be able to truly let his wife go for Stiles?

So there plan back fired. Parrish attacked them, more Ghost Riders are headed that way, and Mr. Douglas shows up & kills the Ghost Rider. Like what the hell Mr. Douglas! What do you want man! That’s not even the worst part though, he has Ghost Rider powers. He wants to have fun with his new whip, great. Seriously need him to die!