Teen Wolf (S06E08) “Blitzkrieg”

I just want to say, I’m glad I caught up when I did cause..it got good this episode!

So our main problem at the moment is that Mr. Douglas isn’t there “friend” and is out to pretty much get rid of the kids with a crack of the whip! But that’s not the worst part though, he’s a freaking Wolf Lion! A Wolf Lion you guys! I’ve truly seen it all! Plus he’s an ex-Nazi that’s been alive but knocked out for about 70+ years damn it! He was trying to get through the rift himself & capture a Ghost Rider. Which pretty much explains his actions now. Theo is the one to tell Liam & his gang all this, since they broke the darn sword (Theo really doesn’t want to go back). Now that they have a more back ground story on what he wants, a Super Powered army of course (typical). They need a plan.

Speaking of planning, Scott says they need a plan as well if they want to go through the rift. Stiles is usually the one to plan out something amazing but he isn’t there. They’ll have to do it alone, even without the coward wolf Peter. They try retracing there steps but find more then what they bargained for, a tunnel. An undergroud tunnel which leads to the rift, where Douglas, and Liam both show up in time.

Before Liam arrived he lost his best friend and girlfriend in two major goes! He tried to fight but he had to warn the others. As for Douglas he cracked his whip on Argent and Mamma McCall to get them to do something. They revolted though at the right moment, but not good enough. For they were whisked to the train station with the others, leaving Parrish to be controlled like a parrot who no longer can speak.

To be honest battling him was pointless, Mr. Douglas had 4 or 5 different abilities from different mythical creatures! Duh he has the upper hand! That’s why he was able to kick there butts, have Parrish open the rift, and walk right down the hall. The gang truly felt defeated at the point, utterly an terribly defeated.

Back in Stiles Room, Papa Stilinkski has the red yarn going all through out the room. An in doing so he remembers more and more. But his wife only saw an empty room, nothing more…she was truly the reason Stiles isn’t home. But he does sadly let her go…

Papa Stilinski does arrive at Scott’s now depressing like home. Since his mom is gone and there’s no cell service in the Rail Road Station. Papa Stilinkski does inform them of all the memories he had of or about Stiles, an the light that showed in the room. It was a new rift being created, the more you remember..the more stuff comes back. If they remember Stiles more then he’ll truly find a way home..hopefully..