The Middle (S08E12) “Pitch Imperfect”

Review: Axl is only 4 months away from graduating college and while he usually needs to be pushed to do anything, this time he has actually thought about his future. But when he goes to a job fair at East Indy, he finds out that most people already started looking for jobs when they were juniors. So to make sure he has at least one iron in the fire, he goes in for an interview at the company Bill Norwood works at, something Mike suggested to him. Axl nails the interview, but when he doesn’t get the job, he breaks down and tells his parents that he actually has nothing lined up and is way behind in his search for a job. Mike gives him some fatherly advice and tells him that he always finds a way of working things out, especially because he has his “mom’s thing of actually liking people”.

As someone who graduated in March and finally found a job 2 weeks ago, I could really relate to Axl’s storyline a lot (I’ve heard the “We want someone with more experience” line quite a few times…) and I’m looking forward to see how things are going to work out for him eventually.

Meanwhile, Brick and Cindy have some relationship problems because Brick doesn’t want to give up reading. He goes to his parents for advice, but all they tell him is that he needs to compromise. Brick’s compromise (reading together) isn’t really what Cindy had in mind and further compromising doesn’t work for the couple either. To make matters worse, Brick finds out that Cindy has never read Planet Nowhere so as a last way to save their relationship, he tells her to read it. She ends up loving it as much as Brick does so the two end up reading together after all.

After dropping out of NYU, Brad is now in East Indiana State and joins Sue’s no cut acapella group. With all his experience in New York, the group makes him the leader to prepare them for an upcoming competition. However some members aren’t that great, and even after practicing a lot, it doesn’t seem to get much better. Brad suggests to make cuts, but Sue reminds him of high school and how things were hard for her because she never made anything so they agree to keep the group the way it is. But right before their performance, they get cold feet and quit the group one by one. When the curtain goes up, only Brad and Sue are left on stage, but they find a way to pull off a performance with just the two of them, giving us a familiar scene that resembles their high school performances.

I loved the dynamic between Brick and Cindy this week and the advice of Frankie and Mike gave Brick was so funny and typical. And like I said, to see Brad and Sue together on stage made me think of when they were in high school and I loved it that we got to see them perform together again! I hope we’ll be seeing more of Brad now that he’s studying at East Indy.

I enjoyed this episode a lot, I thought all storylines were really great and funny. I know I’ve said this a few times before, but I still think it’s incredible how this show can still be refreshing, funny and relatable after 8 years. There are not a lot of shows able to do that. Kudos, once again, to the writers and the rest of the crew and of course the cast of the show for doing such a great job.

The Middle takes a short break again, a new episode airs on February 7th.

Rating: 9.5/10

“She gave me the finger!!” 😂😂😂