Bob’s Burgers (S07E08) “Ex Mach Tina”

Plot Summary:

After hurting her ankle, Tina sends a robot version of herself to school and in the process has an unexpected breakthrough with Jimmy Jr.

When the episode begins we see Tina hobbling her way down the hall of her school while talking to Gene and Louise about the gathering at the beach. She decides to use wedges to try and get Jimmy Jr. to notice her.

But instead her plan backfires when she ends up hurting her ankle. When Mr. Frond hears Tina hurts her ankle he finds her and tells her about this new piece of technology that can help her go to school without having to leave home. He sets her up with a new robotic system.

Back at the restaurant Bob comes home with a banjo because he wants to learn how to use it if there is ever a banjo moment.

As Bob tries to play something for Teddy he lets his imagination take over.

At school Tina realizes it’s not that easy being  a robot. After getting stuck she gets shoved in the AV closet and is left there for hours. Then when she was feeling like no one was going to come and help her out Jimmy jr. shows up to take his frustration out on his dad by dancing in the closet.

They end up actually talking to each other for a long time. After school Gene and Louise asked to borrow the robot but when Tina says no they decide to sneak in and borrow it while she sleeps. While they take the robot on a spin around the empty halls of school they decide to prank the security guard.

The next day at school Jimmy Jr. hunts down Tina Bot to talk about his poems. Then there is this funny cute montage about Tina and Jimmy Jr. together and Gene and Louise and the robot pulling pranks.

The next day Jimmy Jr. surprises Tina at  her house with homework. Tina couldn’t get down the stairs fast enough to see him.

So the next day Tina Bot goes to school and talks to Jimmy Jr. about how weird yesterday felt when he dropped off homework but he stopped her and asked her to be his date to the beach bonfire. She thinks he want her to go but he just wants the robot version of her. Tina decides to make that situation work.

To get to the beach Tina enlists the help of Louise and Gene. Luckily they were able to trick the security guard into helping them get the robot out of the school. Once free from the school they make they way to the beach to meet up with Jimmy Jr. for Tina Bot’s date. After literally running into a few obstacles like a volleyball net Tina Bot finally makes it to the beach. Not everyone is too excited for that.

But Jimmy Jr. is and that’s all Tina cares about. He’s so happy she is there that he kisses her, kind of.

After Jimmy Jr. kisses her screen Tina feels bad. She wishes she was there kissing him back. She gets mad. While he bombs on the beach with his bad musoems Jimmy searches for Tina Bot and finds real life Tina. She encourages him to keep trying with his musoems.

Bob tries to help by playing his banjo. To think he was giving up the banjo and return it to goodwill. After Jimmy Jr. is done Tina gives him a big kiss.