Bull: (S01E11) “Teacher’s Pet”

“It’s a little too late for a parent teacher conference” 

 It’s a High School football game; the Saints vs. the Devils (cute) when on the big screen a video of Mrs. Susan Bryant, (Willa Fitzgerald) a 24-year-old teacher and her 17-year-old student, Jordan Henderson (Jared Kemp) stop the show…and the game. I couldn’t see what was happening, yet no doubt is was rated “X”

Dena Tyler returns as Liberty Davis, counsel for the devastated parents, Donna  and  William Henderson (Latarsha Rose and Jordan Mahone) Liberty asks Bull for assistance in their civil case against Mrs. Bryant. He agrees.  During the interview, young Jordan takes the side of his true love Mrs. Bryant. Although she has already lost her job and teaching license, Jordan moves in with his teacher and quits High School. She’ll home school him.  He’s also giving up his college quest and any scholarship to be with Ms Susan.  So yes, the parents in an attempt to save their child go after Mrs. Bryant, for outrageous conduct.

Wendy Anderson, (Cindy Cheung) counsel for Mrs. Bryant takes the “true love” defense. What won’t you do for love?  Yet the defense takes a temporary blow when we find, Mrs. Bryant is preggers more than 3 months.  Young Jordan would have been 16 and the rules and the law, change to statutory rape, should it be proven they engaged before his 17th birthday. However, the possibility of a stronger case is short-lived, because the husband, Jeffery Bryant, (Stephen O’Reilly) is the baby daddy. Jordan knows this and is prepared to raise the baby with Ms. Susan. Really?! Jordan being the baby daddy would have been a much better story, in my opinion. 

 In an episode that could have kept going and/or turn in another direction, especially due to the current events regarding  teachers, students and inappropriate behavior; the show ends when Bull gets into Susan’s head, encouraging her to seek therapy. She has an unhealthy need to be adored, “by any means necessary” and by anyone willing. It’s possible this could happen, yet it falls short for me. Is that all there is?  Yet…”I never saw that coming” is still my favorite in any show. So  I’ll just grin and bear it, hoping we’ll find “Amy” in the next episode.