Chicago Fire (S05E10): “The People We Meet”

This episode was so powerful. I feel in love with the strength of these characters, and the final few scenes had me in tears.

I have mixed feelings about the choice to have Louie’s dad first agree to sign his rights away and then decide he wants custody. This is an overplayed plot. I understand it happens a lot, but with the tension already raised to begin with, they could have just jumped to the court room. Dawson and Casey weren’t even shown happy at the news of not having to fight for Casey either. What’s the point if the stakes weren’t emotionally raised? They certainly were later on, when Louie’s father made a reappearance at the firehouse, but it would have been more impactful if we had seen Dawson and Casey celebrate, at least a little.

I will say it is sad to see Louie go. He was such an underdeveloped character, who rarely ever spoke. So much could have happened to create deeper relationships between Louie and his foster parents. This would have made it even more brutal to have them ripped away.

Kelly was perhaps the strongest character in this episode, physically that is. The decision to go ahead with the surgery despite medication fit his character beautifully. Now I’m just waiting for he and the patient to get together, because they clearly have a bond. It would also be quite an interesting relationship – is it really rooted in love or just the connection sharing bone marrow has created? And what would happen to Kidd, who quietly likes Kelly but respects his space?

This was certainly a standout episode for Chicago Fire, and reminds me of the brilliance the Chicago Fire writer’s posses.