NCIS New Orleans: (S03E11) “Let it Ride”

It’s the end of The Cartel in New Orleans; well Javier Garcia anyway

In this episode leading to the demise of Javier Garcia, (Julian Acosta)  almost everybody is undercover. Patton’s shady past and his gambling skills come into play,  Loretta’s knowledge of a lil’bit about all things gaming, and Sebastian’s willingness to try again, come together for the perfect Sting. Gregorio, fired from the FBI, is just hanging around to be of service. Percy is home and the “PerSalle” cuteness is back, woven through out the eppy.

Desperate for money, since all of Eliza’s assets are frozen after her death, the mark (Javier) is led to believe a horse race will solve all of his problems. I’m sure he didn’t think  this far when he had Eliza killed! He’s now broke or very close to it and owes his boss money. He only has $2 million in his account to make it right.

Although Pride is told to leave Garcia alone, for he’s the FBI’s problem now and he’s more or less shut down. He doesn’t listen. This is very personal to him. He even approaches Javier at Eliza’s funeral, with a warning, “I’m coming for you!” So without support from “the powers that be” Pride and the team go rogue.

Pride needs Mayor Hamilton (Steven Weber). to start the con.  He knows Garcia, better than he admits. After a very interesting dialog exchange, our mayor realizes he’s being blackmailed. He agrees to “help” Garcia with his current money problems by pointing him in the direction of the Sting.

All goes well and beyond belief, until Sebastian is taken by Garcia as an insurance policy that this operation goes off without a hitch. The usual angst occurs, for timing is literally everything with this con. There is only a 2 minute window of opportunity to make it happen. And it does. Garcia losses all of his money and agrees to turn evidence for a Witness Protection deal. Sebastian regains his confidence when he knocks out his captors with a golf club, 2 of them! He’s ready for a gun now and field training.

Pride gets Gregorio in good standing with law enforcement then gives her a badge for NCIS at show’s end. So it’s official and I’ll have to be with that! She was also in the opening credits so, there’s no surprise here really. So I’ll just “Let it Ride” till the next episode.