Shadowhunters: (S02E03) “Parabatai Lost”

Much of “Parabatai Lost” revolves around the relationship between Alec and Jace. The title could quite literally describe Alec, as he is lost in a dream-like state for the entirety of the episode, unable to snap out of it without Jace’s help.

Magnus remains by Alec’s bedside for a majority of the episode, trying to revive him with his magic, or at least keep him alive longer. Though he sees little success, he never gives up, showing his strong love and devotion for Alec. There is one point where he kisses Alec, referencing a Sleeping Beauty comment he made earlier, but that unfortunately doesn’t work either. He and everyone else knows they need to bring Jace back in order to save Alec.

This is much easier said than done. Jace is being hunted by, well, pretty much everyone, at this point. After swimming to shore — you might recall he jumped in the ocean with Clary at the end of the last episode to escape Valentine — he finds a dead girl washed up on the shore as well. This prompts a bystander to call the police, believing he is responsible.

Luke and the other officers arrive on the scene, and Luke is given a police drawing of Jace as the suspect, though he is not entirely convinced Jace did it.

In the meantime, Jace finds a local bar so he could contact Clary & co. He meets Maya — the bartender, who also happens to be a werewolf — who offers him her phone. After finding out about Alec’s condition, Jace attempts to leave the bar to go help him, but Maya and the other werewolves attack him because they believe he’s responsible for kidnapping and killing Gretyl (the werewolf Valentine killed at the end of “A Door Into the Dark”).

Luckily, as Jace runs away wounded, someone finds him and calls an ambulance and he is taken to the hospital. When he tries to escape the hospital, he runs into Maya in the hallway, who transforms into a werewolf right before his eyes in a disturbing sequence of bone cracking and limb bending that brought back some bad memories of Kristen Stewart’s vampire transformation in Twilight. Fortunately, Jocelyn saves Jace from Maya at the last second. Jocelyn takes this opportunity to apologize for her poor parenting choices, but Jace refuses to forgive or accept her help.

In the midst of this, Simon has been receiving multiple worried voicemails from his mother, as he has not been home in a while due to his “condition.” Thus, he decides he should visit her to reassure her everything’s fine, much to Raphael’s disapproval. Simon goes home anyway, only to find that his mom isn’t there. Instead, there’s a nearly empty bottle of vodka and the TV is still on. In a panic, he calls Clary asking for her help, saying that his mom is drinking again.

As Clary and Simon start tracking his mom, Clary suggests that Simon tell her the truth. She reminds him that his mom has been there for him through all of his weird phases growing up and his many band practices, so she’ll likely be supportive with this news. I really thought Clary was going off the rails here. Band practice is not on the same level as being a vampire. Who thought that was a good idea?

Eventually Clary and Simon find his mom sitting alone in a restaurant. Clary leaves to help Jace, while Simon confronts his mom. As he’s ready to reveal the truth to her, she explains that his band manager — who we find out is just Raphael — told her his band has been touring and that’s why he’s been off the grid. Simon is off the hook for now…

Jace is once again surrounded by werewolves, one of which is Maya. This time, Clary, Luke, and Izzy come to the rescue, and Luke — who now knows the truth about what happened to Gretyl — orders the werewolves to stand down and Jace is finally able to go help Alec.

What really made this episode a treat was the flashbacks that take us through Alec and Jace’s journey to becoming parabatai. We learn that Alec met Jace as a child while he was practicing shooting a bow and arrow as he does in the present. Jace was a confident child from the start and believed he was naturally gifted. With just one try, he took a knife and threw it right at the bullseye, much to Young Alec’s surprise.

As teens, Alec and Jace grew closer. Though Jace was a bit cocky and Alec was much more cautious, they complemented each other well. It was during these years that they completed a series of tests to qualify to get their parabatai runes and officially become brothers.

Later, teenage Alec confides in a young Izzy because he’s questioning whether he should go through with the parabatai ceremony. After some discussion, Izzy realizes Alec has feelings for Jace but convinces him to go through with it anyway.

The final moments of the episode overlay the present day where Jace is trying to revive Alec with a flashback of the parabatai ceremony, drawing parallels between the two scenes. There is a heart-stopping moment where it seemed like Alec was slipping away in the present day, making Shadowhunters potentially become one of those shows that kill off main characters. But Alec does ultimately wake up, leading to a fantastic bromantic embrace between him and Jace. Since Jace and Alec have been dealing with some issues, pretty much since Clary’s arrival, it was nice to see them come to such a climactic resolve.

Of course, things can’t go well for long, though. When Izzy helped save Jace from the werewolves earlier, she was there because of a deal with Aldertree: Aldertree discovered that Izzy deceived the Clave by letting Magnus take Alec to Idris against his wishes, so he offered to let Izzy find Jace if she gave him up to the Clave. Thus, the episode ends with Aldertree and the Clave arresting Jace and taking him away. He just can’t catch a break!