Chicago Med (S02E11): “Graveyard Shift”

“Graveyard Shift” was a very interesting episode for Chicago Med, that followed unusual patients and

When I saw the panda reveled as the emergency patient, I literally laughed out. I was not expecting that at all. However, I thought it was a great twist and I found it very interesting to see the doctors wrap their heads around the operation. Dr. Choi’s volunteer job at the zoo was very sweet. I found that it made him appear sweet and not as macho and tough as most of the doctors are made out to be.

The rekindling relationship between Dr. Charles and his daughter was very sweet. I look forward to seeing what becomes of that in future episodes – and will her relationship with Dr. Rhodes ever become a big issue?

Dr. Reese, of all people, gets a tough night at the hospital. Having to declare three deaths – while severely tired – is not an easy, or normal, thing to do. I am interested in seeing what her therapy will be like.

Slowly over this season, we have been introduced to Dr. Latham. Initially he started as a very unreadable, awkward character, but finally discovering his “blindness” has been so intriguing. It is exciting to see his improvements after what treatment. I am eager to see how this will change his relationships with other hospital members.

All in all, this was a very successful and unique episode of Chicago Med.