Chicago PD (S04E12): “Sanctuary”

“Sanctuary” was a really well done episode that lived up to its promotional hype.

It is hard to point out anything wrong with this episode. The plot had twists and depth. It was fast paced and heartfelt.

The relationship with the police vs the church was very interesting. I did not realize sanctuary in a church was a real thing, or that two boys who really seemed guilty at the start of the episode, could be kept away from the police lawfully.

Finally seeing Olinsky appreciate Burgess was so sweet. Olinsky’s performance was a little awkward – he tends to have the same straight “thinking” face on a lot. That was a little distracting during the “thank you.” Burgess, however, filled the gap with her emotional response.

I’m wondering if Ruzek is ever going to come back? Or, if not, will we learn more about his replacement?

I loved the ending with Kevin’s stand up comedy speech. It was honest and timely.

The Chicago series as a whole is really off to a strong start this year, which should be good for the arrival of Chicago Justice in March.