Star: (S01E04) “Code of Silence”

The show begins with the child molester, Otis (Darius McCray). He’s still looking for his “daughter” & sex slave.  Arriving at “God’s Blessings” Beauty Salon, he tries to convince Carlotta to hire him.  He thinks she could use a man’s touch; encouraging the male population to come there. Simone hears his voice and tells Star. Star thinks she’s dreaming or just crazy.

 Later, Hunter visits Star and wants to do, “the nasty” Yet Star claims to be like an athlete, so no sex, before a performance.  Hunter pulls his hair back in a pony tail and they find another way. Yeah; you know! 

Eva, ( Sharlene Taule) one of the girls freed from the trafficking operation, stowed away in Jahil’s car; following him home. She is now living with him. He doesn’t seem to mind & claims her as his brother’s kid, his niece from out of town, when asked.  He gives her fake ID and refuses her offer to sleep with him; “You don’t have to do this” and he walks away. Ummm. Is there a chink in the armor of Jahil?  

The girls demo is successful & they have 2 weeks to provide a video to Atlanta. They’re singing at the Taylor Brisbane  annual Beauty Shop contest and will use this footage as their entry.  As they rehearse, Otis watches through the window.

 The girls dress retro (Ryan Destiny looks enough like Gladys in that wig to play her in bio) & sing a Gladys Knight song. Gladys Knight (herself), an aunt of fellow salon worker, Danielle, takes the stage to introduce the girls; as a favor when requested by the very bold Star. They’re singing, in accompaniment, one of her songs; complete with large screen video of Gladys & the Pips. The fabulous Ms. Bruce, works her hair styling magic on the same stage at the same time. Very nice** 

Star finally sees Otis in the audience. He confronts her, while she’s talking with Cotton on the phone. A tussle ensues and he tosses her phone.  He demands she bring Simone to him  on level “P3” of the parking lot in 15 minutes…”or else!” Simone finds out he’s in the area & grabs Carlotta’s gun. Cotton hears the confrontation on the phone & grabs scissors. Star grabs a knife & goes to meet Otis.  Alexandria follows Otis, after they “share” an elevator ride. Carlotta finds out about Otis and looks for her gun, she can’t find it, and so she calls…Jahil! He runs to Carlotta, gets the low down and together they go to “get this done” He checks his gun. 

Otis is found shortly thereafter, sitting in his car, with a hole in his chest, dead. Jahil buries the body, as Carlotta comforts the girls & encourages them to “never talk of this again” Yet, Simone claims, regardless of what they assume, she didn’t kill Otis! So who did?!

And so here we have a “who done it”, worthy of “the usual suspects” and beyond.  Simone with the gun, Alexandria getting off the elevator, Cotton with the scissors, Star with the knife & Carlotta’s very surprising call to Jahil and his  gun.  The possibilities tickle and are just enough to make ya’ wanna come back to find out,”who done it?” So I will.

  Key: (*) worth the eye strain, actually!