Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (S02E06) “Who Needs Josh When You Have a Girl Group?”

Review: In this episode we see the reintroduction of Trent (Paul Welsh) he is as quirky as ever and why shouldn’t we expect that given he’s the male counterpart to Rebecca in personality and all. He buys $1,000+ of clothing of stereotypical Bro and LA culture. He does it to try and infiltrate Rebecca’s group of male friends who are truly stereotypical bros. I’m anticipating this will have disastrous results given that like the cashier said “Forcing friendships never works.” Something I personally understand as probably many others.

Next we see Rebecca and her newly formed group of friends made up of her, Valencia and Heather as she stated “I think it’s official that we’re a squad.” This is the best girl group for the program given that these 3 girls personality wise aren’t suited for a conventional girl group and therefore I believe much hilarity will ensue from their very likely upcoming hangs and hijinks. Thus a perfect segue to the first musical number of Friendtopia a Dystopian dark comedy song about their friendship and how she believes it’s so strong they could take over the world and rule it with a ruthless iron fisted oligarchy. A rather unique metaphor for the strengths of friendships. It’s a great return to form for the program’s first dark comedy musicals numbers something we haven’t truly had since Sex with a Stranger. The very lyrics are so ace I could not have quoted them in this review to let you see the brilliance of this song. “We’re gonna braid each others’ hair, then cut each others’ braids, connect the braids to build a rope to hang all of congress!” “Squad goals! Don’t let a man come between us if he does shoot him in the head!” “Now that we have total control get ready for what’s in store! Our reign will be like “Sweet Valley High meets 1984!” “When one of us gets dumped that becomes Memorial Day. All agriculture will be diverted into making us Rosé.”There’s a really exclusive sushi place that never let’s us in. So when we don’t get in we say let’s just go home and drink Rosé!” I will now make a humorous statement and state an opinion. This is true squad goals, there’s nothing stronger than friends who will carry out assassinations with you. For anyone who doesn’t like this song remember Friendtopia isn’t a democracy, measures will be taken to correct those opinions. This song is my second favorite of the season.

During a conversation with Darryl, Rebecca comes to a conclusion that Paula feels left out by Rebecca’s new friendships. It seems that Rebecca and Trent think symmetrically for it seems she’ll try to force a relationship between Paula and her new squad. While Darryl in the same conversation displays his insecurities over his lack of close friendships rear its ugly head again. He tries very hard to have himself be invited into a hangout with Rebecca and friends. When Maya tries to do the same he once again belittles her I believe this is because he is similar to her in that department.

After we see Trent come to find Josh at his workplace. He accomplishes the phase of his plan to infiltrate the group by arranging a hang with Josh and his friends. He end of the scene where Josh gets back into a box with the fluffy things that are used to not have items not break on delivery the name escapes me back to the point. During the scene he fluffs them over his head in a sequence was very delightful brings a smile to my face when Josh acts childishly.

Rebecca gets Paula to agree to hangout with each other at her new house little does Paula know about Rebecca’s plan. When we see them at her new house another great Dark comedy joke comes once again. Quoting Paula “Huh! I know this place! This is where all those people were murd…” Nothing like having a new home where a bunch of people were killed in. The surprise on Rebecca’s friends faces when they saw that she blindsided them with a forced “spontaneous” hang out was pretty well played.

The second musical number a different rendition of The Sexy Getting Ready Song, The Trent is Getting Song. An obvious song choice for the male counterpart of Rebecca, but fitting nonetheless. As much as I love the character and like the actor I feel as though whenever Trent is in an episode the acting is rather rigid and stiff even the beginning of the hangout with Josh and company. During the whole hang he did nothing, but creep out the group from repeating everything they said when it came to the game due to his obvious lack of knowledge of sports, saying that his clients are dead, saying that Josh gang and him are bros for life despite just meeting and ending with calling the group “The Chicken Wing Boys” brought a chuckle to my face. Despite the rigid acting these moments play into Welsh’s favour a lot. The best moment was when Trent said “Well what I’m gonna do right now is get us a full of four chicken wings.” Trent arriving at Rebecca’s after encouragement by the surf shop cashier and helping Paula get out of the bathroom was quite romantic and despite being strange I felt he is a great substitute for Rebecca in the place of Greg and even more so than Josh given that they are similar in personality. I’ll be rooting for Trent even though we all know that romance at the end of the day is second in this program story.

The hangout with Paula and Rebecca’s new group begins with an awkward atmosphere a rather desperate attempt by Rebecca. Valencia’s lack of knowledge on how to be friends with women and Heather’s blunt honesty only helps to increase the tension. When Paula becomes trapped in the bathroom we get to the best parts of the episode we see the situation disintegrate until we finally get to the reveal where Paula not only isn’t enjoying the party and been texting Sunil to get her out, but she tells Rebecca of her abortion. Their friendship’s fissure has finally become a sinkhole one which I hope they can get out of. We sure felt Rebecca’s pain when she found out that she was replaced in Paula’s life, but also wasn’t told of such an important thing by Paula stings even more. It is true that Rebecca and Paula’s relationship has been very one sided for a longtime I wished they had figured that out sooner. I teared up when they were honest with each other for once. The song Stuck in the Bathroom although Lovell has a nice voice I found the song simple and trite it was nothing more then describing the events playing which does generate much humour in my opinion.

Darryl’s subplot is  fun to watch because now we’re dealing with his desperation to obtain close friendships something I believe he deserves. We see Maya (Esther Povitsky) and him try to concoct a plan to get into Rebecca’s party as both are similar and I enjoy that they are becoming friends. After Darryl admits he has an inferiority complex and seeing much of his insecurities in her and thus attack her as he doesn’t enjoy seeing so much of himself personified in her another person. I like this friendship and I can see them becoming best friends. Something rather unexpected as I wanted him to become best friends with someone on the main cast, but this is probably much better suited to Darryl. The dance scene between the both of them was so adorkable I want to see more of that. When we return to the dark joke Darryl says “Hey, isn’t this the place where all those drug dealers were mur…dered.” I laughed very hard.

With the arrival of Karen (Stephanie Weir) a character that I feel is full of cheap jokes made to stir up laughs from unintelligent jokes and pantomime in her French persona  Angélique is disturbing to me. Karen’s sexual inventions and her behaviour are quite disturbing. I find Karen part in the story was pointless she did make us laugh uncomfortably it would’ve just been better to have created a character for the situation or even just let Rebecca handle the awkwardness we all know she can definitely do that.

In the final scene we see Rebecca and Trent having finished having sex and he said Rebecca took his virginity. She then gets him to perform oral on her it was the perfect way to end such an awkward episode. The kind of sweet awkwardness we all love especially when he said it was his favorite.

I give this episode 4.5 stars out of 5. I believe the ones who shined in this episode was Paul Welsh and Donna Lynne Champlin this was their episode.

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Readers I want to know your thoughts leave a comment below. I’m Mr. Nguyen and um… I guess that’s my cue to leave or as Angélique would probably say au revoir. Until next time everyone and I believe that will be very soon.