Emerald City (S01E04) “Science and Magic”

Okay so this episode was interesting to say the most! I was really impressed with the direction they took with the character that so called “died” last episode. I really have to say that I’m really intrigued by the character development on Ana Ularu’s Wicked Witch of the West character, like how I said on twitter “the more I see her the more and more I become intrigued by what she will do next.” And thats true; but I’m also really impressed with everything that this show has to offer. If you like Wizard of the Oz stories and are not watching this show you need to be watching this show. This new take is amazing!

In this episode: Jack (Gerran Howell) wakes up in a lab worried and distraught but a mystery woman tells him to not worry everything will be alright and for him to sleep. We are then taken to a heart broken Tip (Jordan Loughran) thinking about attempting suicide after killing her best friend. A captain of Glinda’s army then tells her its not worth doing no matter how bad the crime might be. When Tip tells the army’s captain that she has no family the captain then decides to take Tip to Glinda (Joely Richardson).

Meanwhile, at a town outside of the Emerald City the wizards guards are trying to take a way another woman whose baby will be used to be a personal slave for the Wizard (Vincent D`Onofrio) but the guards are distracted by what they find in the families basement area revealing what seems to be a portal. Unknown of what to make of the portal the guards send word for the Wizard to investigate the portal. When the Wizard was preparing to go get Anna (Isabel Lucas), Elizabeth (Roxy Sternberg) begged to go with the Wizard to see this portal but the Wizard denied the request for he doesn’t believe her judgement anymore. The Wizard and Anna then get into a carriage to go to the town.

Meanwhile with Dorothy & Lucas, Dorothy (Adria Arjona) with Toto and Lucas (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) walk through the woods in hope to find a path that will help them lead to the Wizard. Lucas starts questioning in why this dog keeps staying close to Dorothy but Dorothy defends him by telling Lucas the dog’s name is Toto (which in their language means Dog) so Lucas asks “does he know that?” a little Oz humor there. When a little girl comes towards Dorothy and Lucas but prefers to hide behind Lucas, Dorothy sees a town nearby and wants to find out if the little girl belongs to anyone in that village/town. When Dorothy takes the little girl to the village she notices wood earplugs in her ears but to silence out the super hearing this little one has. When Dorothy asks a blacksmith if hes ever seen the little girl here before he tells Dorothy hes never seen her before. But a group of people come claiming to be her parents call her Sylvie (Rebeka Rea) they then take her but Dorothy notices something is off about the so called “parents”. Dorothy then makes it a mission to help Sylvie from the people who are not her parents. When Dorothy then gets to Sylvie the people who took her have been turned into stone and Sylvie’s eyes are black.

Dorothy then tells Sylvie everything is okay and she believes her returning her eyes back to normal. Dorothy then breaks Sylvie free but is stopped by the Wizard’s guards. When Lucas saves Sylvie the guard yells to Lucas his real name Nolan (but I like Lucas better), Dorothy then shoots the guard and all four of them run (Dorothy, Toto, Lucas, & Sylvie).

Meanwhile, Tip (Jordan Loughran) is taken to Glinda (Joely Richardson) not to become a warrior but to become a nun. When Glinda is trying to explain to her young in training servants for the Wizard she is interrupted by the obnoxious rudeness of Tip, Glinda then wants to assure Tip that she has nothing to fear but Tip feels like she doesn’t belong here. The Wicked Witch of the West (Ana Ularu) then comes to give Tip another offer but Tip is also not interested, West tries her best to make things sound better by saying “we sleep in” but I don’t think Tip is worried about that.

Meanwhile at the lab, Jack wakes up for good this time to find out hes being nursed back to health by Jane who found him on the street ran over, body fully broken, and a major head wound. He was pretty much dead; Jane brought him back to life and gave Jack a better body the body of tin. Jack is then freaked out by the horror of seeing his body turned into a kind of cyborg body. Jane then helps Jack to try to get used to his new body by helping him learn how to walk, how to grip gently, and how to get used to everything including the heart he no longer has all what it is now is gears. When Jack is trying to get used to his mechanical arms he tries gripping a glass but shatters it and a new face comes in the room to find Jack remarkable. She tells him he is a thing of beauty and that Jane really over did herself this time around but then leaves.

Meanwhile at Glinda’s orphanage; When Tip is working on taking a bath she then finds herself bathing in front of a young girl named Po (Haruka Abe) who is pleased to help Tip in knowing what it really means to feel pleasure if thats what she really wants to feel and that bathing can be more relaxing than she ever thought possible. When Tip goes under to relax, Po then reveals herself to really be the Wicked Witch of the West (Ana Ularu). Tip then confronts West about what she did and that she doesn’t know if she wants to take up the offer or not but will think about it.

In the end: Jane who really wants to keep Jack as her own because its not just a creation shes created she has motherly aspects to her towards Jack that makes her a mystery. Jane then introduces Jack to Lady Ev (Stefanie Martini) and is glad to meet Jack by name. But now Lady Ev owns Jack the Pumpkin Head/Tin Man. And Dorothy is kidnapped by Ojo (Olafur Olafsson) who is now working for the Wicked Witch of the West.

Next Episode: Emerald City (S01E05): Everybody Lies airs Friday January 27, 2017