Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (S02E08) “Who Is Josh’s Soup Fairy?”

Review: The episode begins with Scott revealing to Paula that had sex with a fellow co-worker. I felt very sorry for Paula and she ends up kicking out of the house. I could see that this will be quite the emotional arc for Paula and you would think her relationship with Rebecca crumbling was already enough for her. We see her at Whitefeather and Associates next and she had an emotional meltdown getting furious over Tim not refilling the ice cube trays. While consoling Paula once again Rebecca makes it about her assuming that Paula is upset over the issues of from their friendship. It particularly annoys Mrs. Hernandez the other woman consoling Paula and she yells out to Rebecca to shut up. A great way to bring in her first speaking role. She lays it into Rebecca over her self involvement over every situation that relates to Paula and you know what I’m glad she did because Rebecca needed to understand that not everything is about her and Paula deserved considerate friend at the moment. Paula tells them about her issues and I truly wished in that moment I could’ve her helped her.

We see Josh and Anna and it’s her first time visiting West Covina and the set up of with Josh becoming sick. He wishes to power through to go work at an event at the club Spiders a place we haven’t seen since the second episode. He invites Anna, but she comes off somewhat inconsiderate as she doesn’t want to attend despite him wanting her there with him since it’ll be her introduction to West Covina. I find this interesting I want to see where this goes we’ll see as the episode moves forward.

Paula is in her kitchen and she’s in a panic over the fact that she now has to accept that she’s a single parent and having been forced to skip her field trip. Rebecca makes an entrance and offers to help and take care of Paula’s kid(s) for the weekend. She in a rare moment of maturity apologises to Paula accepting her mistakes that she was inconsiderate having almost never thought of being there for Paula, and having had taken advantaged of her throughout most of their friendship. I’m happy that she did this despite her obvious issues we at least see some kind of growth in her something that hasn’t happened in awhile.

Cue the first musical number  “So Maternal” a parody funk song and what looks like a parody of Bruno Mars’ Uptown Funk and songs like have influence that, like the Music of Michael Jackson. It’s about how delusional Rebecca is assuming that she instinctively knows how to take care of kids. I believe this is a very boring song and doesn’t live up to the other strong songs that the program have previously had this entire season. The motif and outfits didn’t help the song visually either it only contributed to in my opinion its downfall.

We then see that after 12 hours she doesn’t look quite cut out for the job as a lot of clutter has accumulated in the house within such a small period of time. She tries to make up plans to occupy her time with Tommy and they both come up with outlandish ideas. They end up at the store to buy they encounter none other than Josh Chan himself. She makes another ridiculous excuse to get herself wrapped up in him and cue the hijinks. She finds out he’s sick and decides to do something to get in his good graces once again. She gets chicken soup delivered to him. This like everything will obviously not go as planned. Obsession rears its ugly head once again.

My conclusion is correct the soup delivery goes wrong Josh assumes it’s from Anna. Rebecca finds out and loses it. The best physical attribute to Rebecca in my opinion is her crazy eyes. It’s just so delightful to see, but definitely something no one wants their ex to do not that Josh would notice. She irresponsibly brings Tommy to a night club classic Rebecca move that will definitely cause a situation.

She ends up losing Tommy in the club while trying to avoid Anna given her shenanigans in the last episode. She sweeps up Heather into the situation as she was at the club for her new job. What happens next was for me the best part of the episode they end up in the bathroom and Rebecca once again sees Josh having sex with his girlfriend that was perfect.

Turns out the event Josh was speaking of was turns out to be an amateur modeling. Josh ends up embarrassing himself not only to his friends, but to Anna too. The sad display prompts Anna to dumps him. I find it a poor exit for Brittany Snow and a sad waste of her character compared to the last episode. White Josh’s physical reaction to Josh’s modeling was also poor and not very good acting on Hull’s part.

Josh soon finds out it wasn’t Anna that gifted him the soup and that it was Rebecca. The next song is named “Duh!” another song in the same style of “A Boy Band Made of Four Joshes” a style that suits Rodriguez, but doesn’t show that he has much range. It was effective nonetheless and enjoyable. The song is about the realisation that Rebecca cares about josh a lot something he desires. Although I have to say Josh can’t seem to remain single for long something he needs to work on as it seems that he obviously have dependency issues.

In the final scenes, Tommy satisfyingly returns safely home without any harm and Paula ending up back home although inconvenient and lucky at the same time for Rebecca. Josh then arrives at Paula’s home and asks Rebecca to get back together if she says yes that would be a poor and unhealthy decision on her part. It would be nice to see how their relationship will most likely disintegrate this time with around Josh actually invested. I’m torn about whether Rebecca should agree to Josh’s offer. Rebecca tells Paula the truth about her time with Tommy and it really means she has truly amended ties with Paula as Paula forgives her because lord knows Paula parenting of her kids can be much worse. The true highlight of the episode was Rebecca and Paula repairing their relationship at last.

I give this episode 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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Now readers I would like to know your thoughts leave a comment below. Moral of the story if there’s a relationship you regret having lost because of your actions maybe you should go try to repair it and never lose children. Now that I’ve said my piece I’ll go now see you later.