Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (S02E07) “Who’s the Cool Girl Josh Is Dating?”

Review: We open the episode with a scene where Rebecca pettily throwing snide remarks at Paula. We continue to see more of Rebecca and Paula’s damaged relationship. We the audience hopes they find a good resolution to this arc because we want back the dynamic duo we know and love back. This especially affects us most when we hear they say “Paula we gotta find a way to make this better.” “I know, I just don’t know how.”

What happened next I enjoyed a lot. The scene sets up the subplot with Scott’s barbershop quartet, but it was Paula that dialogue I enjoyed the most. She spoke with much passion and fervor about a court case in legal history. The way she nerds out about a topic that most would find either dull or esoteric truly hits home. For everyone who nerds about topics that even nerds don’t understand will surely understand this.

We then see Brittany Snow’s first scene she portrays what seems a stereotypical hipster named Anna Hicks. Anna takes Josh to a coffee shop in Silver Lake one that looks trendy and contains a menu that has a very hipster theme with coffee blends such as “clover” to “single origin”. There is quite an LA theme to the character as anyone from LA will definitely know someone like Anna. Her stereotypical hipster and LA characteristics include being the owner of an eyebrow tweezing salon, name dropping famous clients and or course going to shops and restaurants with obscure and outlandish products and foods. A good choice of character for the program sticking to the overall theme.

We get to Rebecca and her new girl group performing a very millennial hang where everyone is on their electronics and not truly interacting with one another. They begin to do as we all do from time to time think of an ex-love which leads them to cyberstalk Josh and when they find out Josh is dating someone new they start cyberstalking Anna. This segue into our first song of the episode “Research Me Obsessively”. The song is sung by Snow and it’s a satirical song about how one gets wrapped up in an ex and cyberstalks them and their new relationship. The song makes great use of their special guest star and Snow manages to make cyberstalking a very eerie subject look sexy. Many will relate to this whether they want to admit or not because many of us have either cyberstalked their ex or have at least thought about it. The scary part is she sung the lyrics “It’s not stalking cause the information is all technically public.” something that is both true and definitely something we should all think about the next time we post something online.

Valencia and Rebecca go onto stalk Anna for real as they show up at her salon. While investigating her they see Anna giving out bags of white powder to her clientele and humourously jump to the conclusion that she’s a drug dealer. They take further steps and quickly this spirals into a further sequences of hilarity. First with them accidentally running over Anna’s cat and Valencia in a state of anxiety gives a description of a man to Anna that exactly resembles a pirate and thanks to Rebecca’s quick thinking saying it’s a Jack Sparrow impersonator from Hollywood Blvd. was ingenious. They end up taking Anna and her cat to a veterinarian and during the whole thing use it as a way to dig up more dirt on her inventing aliases and everything which led to my favorite joke of the whole episode. It turns out Josh had told Anna about his exes and said they were “toxic relationships”. They way he describe Valencia and Rebecca was so funny he said that Valencia “hounded him to propose” whereas he said that Rebecca told him she was pregnant with his baby, then 2 seconds later said that she wasn’t pregnant with his baby and then begged him have period sex. It ends with the stunning end of the scene where Anna tells them that the store had security cameras and had recorded footage of them running over the cat. Their stunned faces was priceless.

Later that night we see them break into Anna’s salon with the keys Valencia stole from Anna’s purse. They disarmed her security system and found the camera footage of them running over her cat. What they saw on the footage with Josh giving a gift to Anna makes you sympathise with them especially Valencia as the devastation in her face was something that makes us grow to like her even more. It was most effecting on her when he said and I quote “I’ve never felt this way about anyone else, ever. Never, ever like ever. I enjoy the new dynamic of their relationship and I hope they keep it up in future episodes and nothing gets in the way of it again like it did in the first season.

With the return of the Scott’s barbershop quartet subplot. Paula ended up missing one of his group’s fist major gig. This created new drama in their relationship. I for one didn’t enjoy this in the proper way because for me after see them rediscovering passion in their marriage after the first season made me root for them relationship. To have this occur felt like a slight to those who were happy to see Paula have the love she deserved in the first place throughout the program. Also Paula and Scott’s love and passion has made much of us laugh a lot. Their happy marriage is a good element of the program and although horrible to say they neglect their sons better when they’re happy than when they’re sad.

The episode ends with the song “You Go First” an 80’s style song about how in relationships people stubbornly want the other person to apologise first. This song brings nostalgia to me because having grown up on the cusp of that music as a lot of music from the 90’s had very similar tunes and many 80’s songs were used television in 90’s television. The number was even tricked out with tacky 80’s style wigs too although that’s what they were going for I felt they distracted from the song and I pretty much didn’t like them. It was a good not great song.

I give this episode 5 out of 5 stars.

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Now readers I want to know your thoughts leave a comment below. Now that the thought is in your heads’ don’t go cyberstalking your exes people. With that I have said my piece I’m Remy and I’m going now be back soon.