The Great Indoors (S01E11) “Mason Blows Up”


A penguin and a pistol full of booze.It’s just another normal day in the office of Outdoor Limits. 

With Jack hoarding all the good stories for himself, there is little left for the team to do. He is tested when Mason discovers something amazing when he goes on assignment for a mundane article featuring  goats. He uncovers a hidden gem. A tiger that was missing  from a local wildlife sanctuary. Mason becomes an overnight celebrity, armed with a catchphrase (Y’busted!) and general cockiness. 

Jack feels threatened at Mason’s success. Roland has quite literally been breathing down Jack’s neck to finish a griping story, so this adds fuel to the fire. 

Emma has been seeing a new guy, and instead of fighting for her, Clark is sabotaging himself by giving her “love life” advice instead. It’s a comedy of errors through and through, especially when Clark inadvertently gives Emma’s new boyfriend advice that pushes the two closer together. He can’t catch a break. 

Mason is riding high on his newly acquired fame and Outdoor Limits is using this as an opportunity to cement their place in the virtual world. Bobble-heads, t-shirts, ringtones, you name it, they’re doing it. It’s all hard for Jack to handle and instead of embracing the new world, he fights it. 

Jack puts his all into a brilliant article, which lands him on a well-known radio show. It all seems to be looking up for Jack, but Roland had left out a key point. They used Mason’s fame (and name) to add a broader voice to the article. After a drama induced on air catastrophe, it becomes clear that Jack has some deep-seated issues. 

With some stewing, lamenting and some coaxing from Roland, Jack begins to see the bigger picture. He shouldn’t be competing with his team, he should be mentoring them and trusting them with bigger stories. He’s had his time for shine, now it’s time for them to come into their own. 

Another great episode filled with laughs and some feel good moments. 

Rating: 9/10