Sleepy Hollow (S04E03) “Heads of State”

“What fell acts have transpired in this dread den of horrors?” The apartment Crane (Tom Mison), Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) and Jake (Jerry MacKinnon) are looking at is pretty wretched, but cheap wins, and Crane gets a “new” apartment.  Even occasionally obtuse Crane can see the torch Jake is holding for Jenny. It is sweet.

Molly (Oona Yaffe) compliments her Mom and Diana (Janina Gavankar) asks to see her sketchbook. Diana sees the sketch of four white trees.  It strikes her because Molly only draws people.

four white trees - Sleepy Hollow (S04E03) "Heads of State"

Dreyfuss (Jeremy Davies) interviews a candidate for venture capital funding, but notes he lacks vision and risk-taking.  (Note, Dreyfuss seems to have a thing for stylized glass decorations).

dreyfuss thousand year plan - Sleepy Hollow (S04E03) "Heads of State"

Madame President is being transported when Headless arrives. He transforms into old-timey Headless, but is stopped by something under the cobbles.

Crane catches the team up on Headless. Alex (Rachel Melvin), ever practical, can’t understand how Headless manages without, well, a head!  They discuss what is Headless’ objective. Likely, not good.  Diana and Crane look at the crime scene above, Jenny and Jake, below.  Fortunately, Jenny and Jake are familiar with runes and glyphs. Returning to home base, they discuss Benjamin Banneker (Edwin Hodge) (bonus points for this research). Crane met Banneker back in the day, and Banneker helped envision Washington, DC as it appears today.

This entire discussion leads to the discussion of Crane as a time-traveler. Alex states that she used Carbon-14 dating on a strand of hair.  Crane and Diana have a “come to Jesus” moment. Crane continues on about his knowledge of Banneker’s design of Washington, DC (and there is support for this).

In any case, Crane explains his true origin to the team. They discuss the protective runes, and finally a specific nexus to Dreyfuss is established. Dreyfuss purchased the Banneker portfolio.

Crane and Thomas interview Dreyfuss. With Creepy-eyed Jobe (Kamar de los Reyes) in the background, Dreyfuss (apparently TRUTHFULLY) tells them that he sold his soul to the devil at the age of 25. They borrow the Banneker map.

Diana, taking a quick pit stop at home, sees Molly’s sketchbook, and because Molly dates her pictures, Diana sees that Molly was aware of Crane, Headless and others before they ever met.

Headless, armed with a police motorcycle with glowy lights, and a fresh head, becomes the Headless Motorcycler.

Diana, armed with one of Molly’s notebooks, corners Crane, who explains the background on the pictures. Crane finally explains that Molly is drawing from Abbie’s perspective, and that Molly is the new Witness.  With perfect timing, Headless arrives. Jake and Jenny unlock the runes and the gate opens. Crane and Diana go through the entrance, ending up  in a tunnel which is (presumably) J Street, confronting Headless. Jenny, Alex and Jake install Banneker’s Disk to trap the entity (Headless) in J Street.

j street - Sleepy Hollow (S04E03) "Heads of State"

Agent Thomas issues an edict to Crane that the gang will not be allowed near Molly, but Crane warns her she can’t escape it. Diana is having none of it.

diana is having none of this - Sleepy Hollow (S04E03) "Heads of State"

Diana speaks to Molly about how she drew the pictures and Molly is confused and scared.

Dreyfuss finds Headless in the tunnel and offers to release him from J Street and give him the President AND Crane. Jobe says that he removed Banneker’s disk. (This means that Dreyfuss has knowledge of these tunnels…)

Back in Crane’s apartment, Crane decides he’s going to do battle with the item from the Swedish Fortress of Dispair! He hears a sound from the closet…a puddle (which looks like the puddle Crane stepped into in the tunnel) jumps out at Crane! And, we’re out….

deadly closet - Sleepy Hollow (S04E03) "Heads of State"

Grade: B

I thought the banter at the apartment was amusing: “Hirsute hep cat, Chilbo Baggins,” as well as the bigger, smaller bolt confusion.

My partner and I took exception to the Carbon-14 dating, because a strand would not be sufficient AND Crane’s hair has been cut AND has grown out. It would resemble modern folk’s hair. If Alex had access to something else organic buried with him, it might work. Sometimes these things take the viewer out of episodes as they think about that. I also had trouble with the fight scene in the tunnel, which I felt was awkward and somewhat confusing…I liked the President (gender and race), the question of WHY Headless wants the President’s head, and definitely liked the end, with Ichabod being grabbed or scared or SOMETHING.

Next Episode: “The People v. Ichabod Crane”, 9 p.m., January 27, 2017