The Code (S01E01) “Episode 1”

Review: The first episode starts off with some foreshadowing with eerie noises and screams can only be heard. Judging by the style of the beginning scene these seems like a great start from what I believe be a great thriller. Then it leads into the theme song and title sequence and to me it’s a very well made one befitting of a thriller. The overall lighting of the program is very similar to Mr. Robot as they seem to have a preference for dark and dim lighting serving well to establish the overall mood. The last most aesthetically pleasing thing is the use of holographic imaging when people use the internet in the program. This program has many similar themes to Mr. Robot, but a very different kind of story and take upon the genre(s).

We soon see the introduction of the lead characters Ned and Jesse Banks portrayed by Dan Spielman and Ashley Zukerman respectively. They’re two men that are from the Australian capital Canberra the center of the nation’s politics. The one portrayed by Zukerman seems to have a particularly interesting personality. Throughout the episode I could not have been more amazed by Zukerman’s acting it reminded me of Rami Malek’s in Mr. Robot because like Malek’s character Zukerman’s suffers from a disorder too although not specified it seems to be a form of Autism most likely Asperger Syndrome. Unlike Elliot who suffers from psychiatric illnesses Jesse is most likely suffering from a neurological illness. That gives a good contrast to the two, but Zukerman’s portrayal is just as breathtaking as Malek’s he has much of the quirks, characteristics and symptoms as an Autistic person. Jesse appears to have a strong interest in computers and hacking and is a savant in hacking as well to having sensory issues. Zukerman sure steals the spotlight and is worthy of it too for such a performance I deeply praise him.

There was much political dialogue throughout the episode all set within the Australian parliament (parliament is the Australian version of congress). One of the conversations include a private conversation with two members of parliament that includes using a Minister of parliament as a decoy to not to expose the another incident that has occurred. The very incident that sets into motion the program’s story. I must say the dialogue is well done it sounds like true real life political discussions on par with political thriller programs like Designated Survivor or even House of Cards. This very element brings out the inner anxieties of those of us who are untrusting of governments and politicians due to our constant worry about corruption and the political world’s seedy underbelly.

We soon head into the focus of the plot of the episode. It’s about what looks like apparent murder of a girl from Lindara, New South Wales named Sheyna Smith and her boyfriend Clarence Boyd (Aaron L. McGrath) who has been accused of her murder. Ned gets roped into murder case as Alex Wisham (Lucy Lawless) their teacher contacts Ned to report the the story. Much of the storylines begin to intersect and it seems that the murder is to linked to parliament somehow. It soon becomes much more when Ned gets Jesse to help him investigate the case. Matters begin to spiral when Jesse hacks into the government’s mainframe to dig up anything that ties them to Lindara and find out that Lindara is linked to a company named Physanto and after Ned releases his article about the Sheyna’s death. A warning is soon left for Ned and the establishment of a well crafted conspiracy forms.

The relationship of the characters are quite developed and well established from the get go. From the sexual tension between Ned and Sophie (Chelsie Preston Crayford) with the way they interact you would think they were in a spy film. The maternal bond between Alex and the accused murderer Clarence as she races against the clock to try and help him prove his innocence. The obvious romantic spark between Jesse and Hani (Adele Perovic) a fellow hacker largely due to their backgrounds and interest in all that is hacking. Yet, my favorite relationship is definitely between Jesse and his brother Ned, Zukerman and Spielman’s onscreen chemistry and interactions will definitely remind you of your own with your siblings. It’s most true since Ned has a love hate relationship with Jesse because he begrudgingly has to take care of Jesse due to his disorder and you can see on Ned’s face it looks as if he has given up a lot to take care of Jesse. Think of it like say taking care of your younger sibling only 1,000 times worse.

The final scenes shows Ned heading to Lindara to investigate Sheyna’s death even further. Clarence is seen attempting suicide. Lastly Jesse is being kidnapped by a group of hooded and being taken into a truck. These cliffhangers are quite intriguing and they definitely left me wanting more.

I give this episode 4.5 stars out of 5 stars. It would’ve been given a full five had it not been for the fact that there were so many plotlines I found it hard time to keep up and the slow build up and exposition of the episode my advice is stick with it until at least halfway into the episode it will get interesting trust me.

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Now readers I would like to know your thoughts leave a comment below. I hope you investigate this program it will definitely be worth it for you guys. I’m Remy Nguyen and I have said my piece and with that I’m gonna go.