Timeless (S01E11) “The World’s Colombian Exposition”

Timeless is back and we pick off right where we left off and leaving us on the edge of our seats.

Wyatt and Rufus get back to present day and search for Lucy, even though they had to wait til the machine cools down for four hours. They find her in Chicago at the World’s Fair in 1892. Trying to figure out why that time and place would be somewhat a plan from Flynn with a double edge sword

Flynn takes Lucy and tries to get Harry Houdini to get inside the meeting of three of the biggest minds of the 20th Century (Edison, Ford and Morgan). But when they get in, it back fires on Flynn and Houdini leaves Flynn handcuff for now and recuse Lucy.

Meanwhile, the other reason why Flynn chosen this time and place was to lured them into Murder Castle owned by H. H. Holmes. Trapped with two other people, Wyatt and Rufus tries to

breakaway and old brick to get someone to hear them as they are in an airtight soundproof room. They will escape thanks to Lucy and Harry and the meeting between Lucy and Wyatt was like fireworks.

They try to find Holmes but only found the caretaker. While looking for Holmes, Lucy spots a photo of Holmes and it turns out that the guy that was with Wyatt and Rufus was actually Holmes himself.

He takes her to the basement to burn her. Fear as she should, she learned what Harry had told her and used that against Holmes, pretending to be a psychic. That gave enough time for Wyatt and Rufus to get there and save her. Eventually, Wyatt kills Holmes and the three get back to present day. Rufus declares war against Rittenhouse, as he’s done with the recordings. Of course, Mason doesn’t like it, but goes with it.

At the end, Wyatt gets a call from Flynn about returning the favor that he promised back in the previous episode with Benedict Arnold. He give the name that killed his wife and where he is at, but he can’t go there so suggested that he should go back and kill his parents or something to that nature.

This was one hell of an episode coming back from a month hiatus. The story was amazing and I was just overly amazed from what they really did in this episode from Holmes, Murder Castle, World’s Fair and even Houdini as well.

It’s just mind blowing. It literally took me awhile to figure out that the guy hanging with Wyatt and Rufus was Holmes. The writing was amazing, the performances from the actors was great as well. Overall I give this episode a 9/10.

Late last week, co creator Eric Kriple written a letter to fans about the state of the show. It list that the show is doing great on every level expect for live viewing and pleased fans to gets everyone to tune in 10/9c. Here’s that tweet of the letter.

You can catch Timeless Monday nights at 10/9c on NBC.