Lucifer (S02E12) “Love Handles”

After that hot lip lock on the beach Lucifer and Chloe waste no time in going back to his place getting steamy until… Chloe finds Lucifer’s horns (his “love handles”). She seems weirdly okay with it… Wait it was a dream. Maze just sat in the corner watching with interest because she heard Chloe screaming but suddenly saw that it was a good dream to scream about. Lucifer on the other hand is apprehensive about the kiss. He goes to Linda who tries to settle his nerves but Lucifer suddenly thinks Chloe is no longer immune to his mojo in which case her feelings aren’t genuine. At a crime scene it seems like opposite day where Chloe is the one being flirty and a little unprofessional while Lucifer is trying to stay on track. It’s been a while since Chloe flirted with someone. They find a dead college student and find that a famous actor was connected with him. An actor studying up for a role (which he’s too old for) comes back in wielding a knife asking if he’s too late to save the kid. The actor was sent an email that told him to carve his handsome face up or a college student would die. The actor couldn’t bring himself to cut up his face (which is his livelihood) so the kid died. The killer had sent a video email with a Jigsaw-esque mask. Lucifer then thinks maybe Chloe is being manipulated into liking him. He gives his mom a call but as luck would have it she was in the station. Charlotte expresses joy that her son and his crush are getting together but Lucifer is still not convinced. Dan shows up making it awkward for all three of them. Why do I get the feeling that Dan and Charlotte are gonna hook up again? So Chloe and Lucifer go to the source of the email and find the owner of the email with his hands full. He was watching porn and claims he never sent the video. Another video was sent telling a good will surgeon to cut off her hand or an innocent girl dies.


Chloe and Lucifer crash a frat party where the poisoned girl is going. Unfortunately the antidote they made for the first victim doesn’t work because it’s designer poison. Lucifer’s mojo seems to be working fine though as he’s flocked by college girls who take him upstairs to… listen to him on his romantic dilemma. Classic college stuff. Chloe and Lucifer find the girl and her nose is bleeding uncontrollably. Dan stays with the surgeon who asks him what would he do in a situation like this? Honestly I’m not sure what Dan would do. He’s not a bad guy but he’s done bad things even if for a good cause. Well the surgeon decides to stick her hand in the garbage disposal in order to save the girl’s life. Come on, Dan. When you heard the garbage disposal you should have guessed that’s what she was gonna do. As they cart the doctor away a package arrives with the antidote so the girl gets to live. Chloe and Lucifer (despite Dan’s misgivings) decide to email a taunting email to the killer after figuring out who he is: Dr. Carlisle who fell from grace after an uber he was in flipped over and instead of going back to help a student driving him, Carlisle decided to save his briefcase and himself. Then the car burst into flames. This led to the bad doctor’s public disgrace and firing. So now he wants to prove everyone is as selfish as him. After receiving the taunt, Carlisle immediately answers via Skype and shows everyone his new experiment: An athlete’s leg will be cut off if he lets a student beside him live but if he doesn’t then… well you get it by now. They were being held in Carlisle’s secret lab. Dan then figures out with Ella’s help that Andy from the previous episode was murdered by Carlisle after taking his drugs.


Charlotte goes to Dr. Martin to get her to tell Lucifer the truth about Chloe but she refuses. Charlotte interprets this refusal into her having to find someone else to tell Lucifer. Like mother like son. Charlotte decides to call Maze to meet her at a bar where Amenadiel blessed Penelope’s womb (interpret that however you want, Maze did). Maze was ready to walk away but her concern for Lucifer’s safety made her stop and stay. Chloe and Lucifer find Carlisle’s secret lab at another college. He gives Chloe a test: she can either catch him and let the kids die from poison gas or save the kids and let him go. Lucifer tells Chloe to go after Carlisle while he gets the kids. Chloe managed to get far enough away for Lucifer to become invulnerable again so he can go superman on the door and get those kids out of there. Chloe corners Carlisle who gloats that she’s just like him and that choice is an illusion it’s all instinct, etc. Then he pulled a dick move by cutting his own throat and dying. Chloe runs back to the college to find that Lucifer saved the kids but was completely unharmed. Chloe knew better than to ask so instead she just hugged Lucifer saying she was so happy he was okay. Lucifer realizes that Chloe’s sudden romantic feelings for him are in fact genuine. Maze calls Lucifer to the bar where she’s with Charlotte. Lucifer starts gushing about how happy he is with Chloe which causes Maze to lose her resolve. Instead she tried to stop Charlotte from telling Lucifer the truth but while they were arguing Lucifer sees a picture of Amenadiel with Chloe’s mom from 35 years ago. He pieces the puzzles together that his Dad arranged the whole thing. Lucifer storms into Chloe’s place demanding the truth: Did she know the whole time and it was all a game? But Chloe reveals her nose won’t stop bleeding meaning Carlisle had somehow poisoned her and he’s the only one who can give her an antidote.


A-! There was a bit of a lull in the episode. Can’t explain it but still an A. The theme was moral dilemmas and confronting uncomfortable truths. I don’t believe Chloe is aware that she’s a gift from God and I think she is a gift but for Lucifer. Maybe God wanted to show Lucifer that he’s worth loving and to apologize for having him vilified for centuries which has always been a chip on the Devil’s shoulder. Still not sure how Chloe is going to get Amenadiel his grace back or how she’ll get them home. I’m sure we’ll find that out soon. Dan was asked what he would do in a moral situation. Personally I feel Dan would try to do the right thing and sacrifice himself. However, his track record hasn’t been great given the lies he told to keep himself out of jail. But then he resisted Azrael’s blade so there’s some fundamental goodness in Dan. I believe in his redemption (for now). So Lucifer will have to decide if he’s going to pursue his relationship with Chloe romantic or otherwise while he tries desperately to save her life by literally going to Hell and back.