Teen Wolf (S06E09) “Memory Found”

This episode will be the death of me! You guys so many damn feels! Also, I figured out how to make my image a feature image so it can show up all fancy like, like everyone else’s post. So I feel special. Okay, on to the video.

For those that may have forgotten, so far: we have WAY more Ghost Riders showing up, Papa Stilinski remembers Stiles & his real name, and pretty much everyone is on the damn run! But at this point in the episode everyone is trying to either remember Stiles (mainly Scott, Malia, and Lydia) or run to distract the Ghost Riders (Theo, Papa Stilinski, and Liam). Now we need all hands on deck with defending against these Ghost Riders, yet that’s hard if majority of the town is literally gone!

Papa Stilinski can’t call for backup at all, they had no choice but to let Theo out of his cage, and then deal with 5 Ghost Riders. This was there estimate..they were wrong! It’s literally a hoard of Ghost Riders, literally! Now they really need to RUN! As for Lydia, Scott, and Malia they decide to do things the hard way in remember Stiles. By hypnosis with a dash of an ice cold coffin like machine that could basically kill you. Simple right? Well not quite. Scott id the first to go, an it’s one bad bumpy ride for him. Some flashback aim towards Season 1 on down but start to overflow in him. His memories are killing him slowly more then the cold, so Lydia has to use her quick wit to come up with a plan to ease his mind. She tells him to imagine he’s in a hall, at school, and the lockers are what holds his memories of Stiles. With the help of Malia & Lydia he was literally getting close but more near death. It had to get cut short. Next is Malia.

Back at the police station Papa Stilinski is gone,Theo & Liam have to get to the next safest place. If they can find a key! I don’t know who’s idea it was to have that many damn keys in there in the first place! But they did make there way to the hospital. Liam warn Theo that he knows all the hiding places and will use him as bait if need be.Since Theo is already talking about bolting. Yet he does have a change of heart through the fighting; wanted to go down fighting instead of hiding, brave Liam. Although, Theo did decide to be bait.

Malia is under hypnosis and she’s in the library. The books on the shelf (not the floor) are her memories of Stiles. She has to go through them and find Stiles..well a good memory of him. She found out how they connected, that punch to the face! How she fell for him, how he helped get through turning, and then leave her..which pretty much made her turn to ice almost and close her eyes. Malia is out, so Lydia has to go next. But they have to do it the old fashioned way. Now does this work? Yes. Do we get to see a ton of flashbacks of her and Stiles..GOSH YES! But the most powerful one, was when she kissed him for the first time in the locker room to help him with his panic attack. That’s when all of it changed, an she remembered she was the last to see him…an she never said I love you back.

Bingo! Yahtzee! We have a winner! Lydia did it! She opened a rift, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and there someone there. Is it Stiles?

Wait til next week for the Winter Finale! 🙂