Chicago Fire (S05E11): “Who Lives and Who Dies”

This episode of Chicago Fire was very interesting, and slightly different than past episodes.

It makes total sense that Dawson and Casey had big parts in the main plot lines of “Who Lives and Who Dies” because they are in grief. It was interesting to see their different reactions to loosing Louie. Casey’s was certainly drawn out, but I think that was okay. It really drove the point home. What I wasn’t so happy about what the lack of resolution about the man who possibly escaped the burning building. It seemed to me that the final man they rescued was going to be this guy, but nothing came about that. The injuries seemed too similar, so it was a bit of a confusing moment.

Who else found it so sweet that the baby girl was named after Gabby? I know I did! That relationship with Gabby and the daughter, and father, was very thoughtful. It’s one of those connections I wish we could see grow and become something more permanent, even though I know it won’t.

Now that half of Severide’s love interests has left the state, I wonder what he will do with Kidd? I’m glad that the other relationship didn’t form, as of now, because I think they were too distracted with the whole “I saved your life” idea. But I don’t want him just turning to Kidd now that he has no one else. So, it’s getting complicated.

Overall Rating: A-