This Is Us (S01E11) “The Right Thing To Do”

The first new episode of the new year and they hit us with another winning episode.

“The Right Thing to Do” will be remember of how it all reminds us that when things in life are in a tough spot, there’s always that one right thing to do about it.

From Toby declining and then changing his mind about having surgery on his heart. Thinking that he might not need it but realizes that even though he loves Kate, the right thing to do is to have it and see what goes beyond there. For Kate on the other hand, she tries to decided whether she wants to be wit him long term and she tells Toby after surgery that she would want to marry him. That’s when he awakes and agrees.

For Kevin, when you think that him and Sloane might hit actually be a couple, Kevin doesn’t really acknowledge it the way we see it. After performing the play in front of the director, he thinks they could pull it off. But that changes when Olivia pops up wanting to join the play again, which the director was pleased to have back. Olivia tries to make things right with Kevin but soon he realizes that he’s better with Sloane and than leaves with heartbreak.

For Randal and his dad, he thinks that his dad seems to be moving away from him after meeting Jessie. But that wasn’t the case at all, as he tells Randal that his cancer was coming at him full strength and the medicine wasn’t working. That’s where they decided to stop the chemo meds and let it takes its course.

Probably one of the uplifting stories was of course, Jack and Rebecca. We see them learning that they are having triplets and that the apartment that they just got wasn’t going to be enough for all five of them( let along carrying them up and down the stairs). Rebecca talks to her stubborn mother about their situation and she offered her and Jack to stay with them. She tells Jack about it but he kind of takes it not seriously because Rebecca doesn’t like her mother at all (as we learned in the Thanksgiving episode).

When Rebecca ask Jack to get some ice cream for her, he takes off but forgets his wallet but hears Rebecca crying. He then drives off to, what I thought was to Rebecca’s parents place but that turned out to be wrong. He drove to his father’s place and asked for money. Jack and his dad don’t get along as we saw it in the beginning of the episode, but he gave him the money and Jack took his classic car and sold it and used the money not only for a station wagon but also the house that he’s working on with his crew, which is the home that the family stays in through childhood.

This was another great episode. I was so amazed from the story plots and the characters that it just made me smile at times. When life gets in the way you just have to decide what’s the right thing to do for that moment and each of the characters did something in their situation. I have to say that Milo Ventimiglia gave a really good performance in this episode, maybe his best. I guess we’ll have to see.

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