NCIS New Orleans: (S03E12) “Hell on High Water”

While deep sea fishing, vacationers pull a man from the Gulf, caught in a net. Thermal shock caused by intense heat, burned into his chest is the cause of death for Lieutenant Nielsen

Meanwhile, Gregorio is official and arrives to work  for her first day at NCIS. Of course, there are a few bumps in her first real assignment. She’s seasoned FBI that must now start at the beginning and she’s the lowest on the pole of authority.  She’s reminded of that almost immediately by LaSalle when she assumes lead, during Pride’s absence.  Never the less, she’s welcomed to the unit with popping graffiti and pecan pie.

Later in the case, it’s determined; they’re looking @ Corporate Sabotage, when holes were found drilled in one of the oil rigs, belonging to a small business. Pride boards a tanker to investigate. Why he does not take another agent with…?  He finds himself 200 miles @ sea with 3 killers. Nielsen’s brother in law, Darren (David Kallaway) was using Nielsen’s boat to drill holes in the oil platforms, along with 2 others, Jackson and Lyles (Jim Beaver and  Josh Whites)  Nielsen found out and was killed. Now Pride is on the tanker alone and on the run. But then there’s Bonnie (Christine Woods), a rigger with “the right stuff” who comes along just in time to aid in the fight and in saving Pride when he was stuck between a rock and a hard place.

 At FLETEC, Sebastian is having problems knowing when to “fight- flight or freeze!” The latter being when he can’t move!  The struggle is real!  Furthermore, he’s in danger of washing out when the NCIS team keeps calling him during his drills.  They need his help desperately, especially when Pride goes off the radar in the middle of the gulf.   Although threatened by his D.I, Drill Instructor, Special Agent Perkins (James Black) he chooses his team and goes against a direct order to remain in the exercise.  Impressed with his commitment to team work and his “problem solving” skills, Perkins orders 50 laps instead of a probable dismissal or something worse.  So Sebastian saved the day…again! He now appears more confident and with this new attitude, he’ll probably complete his training with a greater ease.  I’m actually looking forward to seeing this “action hero” in the field. I’m also looking forward to the screening of Loretta’s new assistants. If Temp Lab Tech Claire Blecher (Tenea Intriago) is any indication of what’s in store, we have another form of comedy relief in the morgue.

Although Gregorio’s style (Ferlito’s acting choices?) will still take some time to get used to, Sebastian in another life saving role,  LaSalle and Percy’s cuteness and this week’s alpha female, Bonnie, makes it a good day; a very good day.