Suits: (S06E11) “She Is Gone”


“Worth the wait”

If 6A was very much plot driven and character development took a temporary side road, then ‘She is Gone’ was the exact opposite. Storylines started emerging from relationships and each one’s desires and plans for the future. This was one of those episodes that got your attention at second 1 and didn’t seem to let go till the screen went black again.

The title itself captures on some level what happens perfectly. We can see many of the characters, in their own ways, being influenced by Jessica’s departure. With Louis, it starts showing in the fact that he is trying to pick up the pieces of the firm. His way of doing that started with the right idea but it was fueled by his distrust in Robert Zane who, as many other guest starts in this episode, really just wanted to help. He is fighting a battle with himself at the firm, trying to prove that he is worthy of the title Jessica left behind, while also dealing with being a fiancé and a future father at home. Luckily for him, he at least has Gretchen and Katrina Bennett (I am not even going to try to spell that code name out) to help him find his ways in the professional aspect.

Much like Louis, Mike is trying to establish himself too. I think after how the first half of season six played out for him, we were in need of some good display of character growth, just to prove us that the journey he took which ended with him wearing a label of a criminal taught him something. Throughout the episode he keeps reminding himself and us of the promise he made to the jury before going to prison. He is determined to make his own way, to help people and not accept anything from Harvey on his way of achieving that.  Whether it be at a legal clinic or teaching, I think it’s refreshing to see him pick up new challenges and try to find where exactly he wants to use his brilliant mind next.

Paralleling with Mike, Rachel is living in the aftermath of his sins too. She is facing the fact that she will have to go through character fitness test if she ever wants to be a real lawyer, and her fiancé’s history combined with her working at PSL is of no help. Despite the trouble and temptation that her father’s job offer presents, in truest Suits fashion, loyalty wins over what seemed like the easy way out. In the end it paid off for her as everything she has given to this firm was recognized by Louis, making her a 2nd year associate, thanks to Gretchen’s strong voice.

Talking about strong voices- Donna. Here, I’d like to go back to what I wrote at the beginning- This was one of those episodes that got your attention at second 1 and didn’t seem to let go till the screen went black, both of which- the start and the end happened with our favorite red head present. She knows everything and she always finds a way to help everyone and what makes this episode interesting is the fact that she only really has one of those covered.

The opening scene, with slow music playing in the background, even though the tone made it seem calm, had the exact opposite response on social media. 6A ended with Harvey and Donna holding hands and it left many people wondering what happened after. If you were one of those people who thought that THAT scene was the answer to the question, I am sorry BUT never stop dreaming (see that’s funny because Harvey doesn’t seem to either.) Even though the moment of them enjoying the new level of intimacy of their relationship while they sip on coffee, sitting next to each other in bed was significant enough already, it didn’t end there, they took it a few big steps further and gave us a kiss with which Sarah Rafferty and Gabriel Macht once again proved that their chemistry has no limits. But even though that little piece of heaven ended up being a product of Harvey’s dreams, that by no means, takes away any of its significance.

He dream about her, in his shirt, in his apartment, it seemed natural, they were incredibly happy. But besides that- he also seemed to have recognized the fact that in case they were to go THERE again, as opposed to 12 years ago, it wouldn’t end with her remaining as his secretary. To the contrary, his subconscious tells him that ‘she isn’t leaving him, she just doesn’t work for him anymore’. Even though that revelation is followed by him waking up over the fact that he reminds himself another person, his parent figure did leave, he seems to have realized on some level what his relationship with Donna could be if he started practicing what his subconscious is already trying to tell him. Not everyone leaves. Not every change equals leaving. Changes can even come in the form of the best cup of coffee he has ever had.

Throughout the episode he continues showing us how much he has grown through all the drama and hurt he has experienced in the last few seasons. There are occasional slip ups like the way he wanted to help Mike by going to Anita Gibbs and Professor Gerard, but even those came from the best of intentions. What we can see is that even though the firm is still on quite shaky grounds and dilemma over who is going to be the new managing partner remains present, what really always stays at the core of him is his pain of people leaving. Despite the fact that Donna remains clueless as to what has happened in his dreams just a few days prior, she still perfectly analyses his issues at the end of the episode.

She has always known, she just knew it was better not to say it. But just like everyone seems to be taking steps towards a solid and bright future in this episode, so did she. And it only took a few words for him to realize, what he has always deep down known.

He needs to go see his mother. And I really hope that this storyline, the one that has been affecting every aspect of his personal life since his young years, will be worth the wait as well.


How excited from regular coffee to Donna’s home-made morning after coffee are you for 612? I am a solid Donna’s cup.