Supernatural (S12E09) “First Blood”

Hi all! The boys are back and at a new time! Yes, they reverted back to there old time. They haven’t done that in a long time, and it’s throwing people off badly. So set your alarms for 6:45pm or 6:55pm on Thursdays for Supernatural. They’re not showing at 8pm anymore.

Quick Refresher in case you forgot. Dean & Sam got arrested by the presidents top guards, sent to basically no mans-ville, Cas has no idea where they are, and also we have no idea where Lucifer’s baby mamma is either! We seriously need to find this chick before the baby is born, now on to pressing matters. The president’s right hand (we call him the jackass on social media) just wants to pop bullets in both of their heads and be done with it. Yet, he wants to take pleasure out of it though. Sadly, someone higher up then him is a no to that plan and wants to make them sit and rot. The longer Dean & Sam stare at those walls..basically have nothing…they’ll talk. They’re in for a long wait.

Meanwhile, Cas is trying to get help in finding them but is really running out of helpers. Crowley thinks it’s a glorious idea that there gone & want nothing to do with him. Crowley reminds Cas that so many higher beings have tried to capture and kill them. They all failed, even him. But now they’re dealing with the US government, Crowley is going to sit back and have some fun. Cas does however tell Mamma Winchester & she’s not happy. She basically goes off on Cas. About how he wasn’t there, how he let Lucifer’s soon to be born offspring get away (actually she has a couple of months, maybe, supernatural pregnancy were talking about here), and how late he was telling her! I don’t blame her for being angry but Cas was trying to see if he could find them without her. And is running out of options.

Also, those British hunters are still there in America. They’re trying, but are failing at recruiting people to join them. Sadly, they haven’t learned that Americans like to do things with their hands, not a fancy soft hand way.

Now let’s not give up all hope, unless they die. Which did basically happen, Dean & Sam died! This really freaked me out! I was just so surprised of how they pulled the whole dead tactic, woke up when people left them in the corpse room, pretty much grabbed the doctor and stole his phone, then bottled outside. Like that’s freaking magic, damn it! MAGIC! As I’ve said before we (the audience) & even them (Dean & Sam) have no clue where they are! But they know who to call. Castiel. After a few rings they get a “what” (as in why are you blowing up my phone “what”) on the line and a happier Cas. Dean & Sam quickly give Cas landmarks and where to meet them, ASAP. Then they bolt cause they got foot soldiers on they’re tail.

Cas is all happy fast talking on the phone to Mamma Winchester after her vampire hunt. But they manage to make contact and speed like the FLASH to what forest to find the boys. And no they are not alone at all. Cas called the two British fancy pantsy men, with their gadgets and what not. I just find it that they’re so willing to help, my only issue is that..they want people to do things their way though. That irritates me. Anywho, they split up to find the boys & the British men use their satellite to find them (swear we can’t trust them). Dean & Sam are some fast witted brothers! The jackass thinks he’s got the boys in the bag with his fancy soldiers, well he’s wrong. He’s stuck in the woods with two guys who know how to kill & hunt things way worse then a human being.

They’re literally able to wipe the floor with all these fools in a mere few minutes! One trap after another, one punch to the face after another, and one glorious bear trap for the jackass. He totally deserved it! Now you think all is well, they can bolt to the bunker and make sure they’re not on a MOST WANTED list. Well, nope. The British guys, as they are find it odd that they left loose ends. So as they are…decided to help. They killed all the soldiers and the other higher ups there. Gosh they don’t quit. Now to answer your burning question, How did the boys do that play dead trick? Well you see they were actually dead! I mean it, again, dead! They made a blood pact with Billy, and one Winchester has to die by midnight. This is where things got me screaming at the damn TV! Like what the hell, Billy! Why! Mamma Winchester was the first to volunteer..seriously. They just got you back, an you want to freaking die again! Come on! But no worries, we have an angel…who is not letting them die any time soon. Cas killed Billy, stabbed her right in the damn chest! Cas told them that the world needs Winchesters and that they mean so much to him. He was literally close to crying his eyes out!

Hopefully next week we find out where Lucifer’s baby mamma is, what the British Hunters have in store for recruiting Mamma Winchester, and what Cas consequences are for stabbing Billy. So excited!